Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIP - Wednesday

Today is To-Do-List overload day.  I have a long list of Works in Progress (WIP) that need to be cleared up.

I have been working on the retreat planning committee since I joined the Covered Bridge Quilt Guild for 15 years now.  This will be my last retreat as I am resigning as Chairman.  Its a good thing to have new blood come in and run things.  Change is good and refreshing.  Today I needed to let Pilgrim Park Church Camp know the number of people attending the retreat for meal preparation.  I also needed to inform them of any dietary issues, i.e. diabetic, food allergies and/or gluten free, etc.

Next is the rooming assignments.  There is an upper conference center which has hotel style rooms with three beds in each.  The lower conference center has dormitory style rooms with four to six people to a room and large bathrooms that are shared.  Both areas are comfortable and accessible but it is less expensive to stay downstairs.

This year our teacher for the retreat weekend is Pam Hughes of Expressions in Threads from LeClaire, IA.  She has prepared some quick classes for gift type items for the holidays along with two larger quilts, Chasing Rainbows Quilt and Pop-Ups Quilt.  Pam was a guest speaker at the guild last year and the ladies really liked her quick gift ideas so we invited her back to teach at the retreat.  Pam will also be the vendor for the weekend and we all love to browse through the goodies and shop!

I love retreats!  I learn so much from other quilters just by listening to others experiences and walking around to see what projects others are working on.  I feel like a sponge and just absorb all the information shared by quilters and the teacher.

My new job with the guild is Program Chairman.  My first program will be with Ann Hazelwood, author, appraiser, and previous quilt store owner.  She will be giving her program on Friday, November 8th at the St. Matthews Church, Dover Rd., Princeton.  On Saturday morning she will be giving a workshop on redwork.  The kits are $3 a piece.  Will be making arrangements for Ann's overnight and meals.  I am excited about meeting her and I know our local quilt store, Quilter's Garden, is trying to arrange a book signing on Friday afternoon.

Enjoy your Wednesday!  Somewhere in this busy day, I hope to squeeze in some quilting time.
I have linked with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesdays. 

Yours in quilting,

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