Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, Do We Speed Up or Slow Down?

I stayed up last night until 10:20 so I could wake up my son for work.  He had worked all night Thursday night, then came home to set up two DJ gigs for Saturday night.  They set up one sound system in Oglesby and then came back to our house for another load of equipment and then went to Sheffield to set up for a wedding.  He didn't get to bed to until about 3pm Friday only to get up at 10:25pm to go to work again.  He has youth in his favor.

While he was sleeping I worked on my Country Threads BOM blocks for Oct.  I had them cut out and had planned to use them as leaders and enders at Bonnie Hunter's class.  Bonnie's blocks provided their own leaders and enders.  So needless to say, I needed to get my October blocks completed.  I like to get them done as soon as possible after they are released so I don't fall behind.

Today being Saturday, I hoped I could slow down a little.  My husband woke early, and made his half of the bed while I was still sleeping on my side.  He doesn't know it, but I was laying there smiling as the sheets and quilts were pulled up.  Then the plunk, plunk of the pillows hitting the bed as he stacked his pillows.  So I layed there about 15 more minutes.  The alarm went off and I shuffled into the bathroom and hopped in the shower hoping that he would let the dogs out when they started to bark.  They always bark if the shower starts before they get let out.

We met our neighbors for breakfast and chatted about what had been happening in each others lives this week.  It was agreed that we would meet them at the local bowling alley for some practice games at 3pm today.  Time to get back in shape for bowling league.

I hope to come home then and slow down, maybe even take a nap!  It appears that was not meant to be, as my husband and I started cleaning house.  We make a good team of maids.   Together we dust, vacuum, swifter the kitchen floor and discuss what else needs cleaning.  My son had also asked if I would iron his new shirt for the wedding gig.  On closer examination, it was a new shirt and needed to be washed first.  So I threw it in the wash machine and dryer.  I gave it a quick press as it came out of the dryer and he is good go.  I also used the time while the washer and dryer were running to sew one 12 1/2" BOM of Country Threads.

My husband and I discussed lunch plans and agreed to eat leftovers.  So with a quick zap in the microwave we both had warm plates of food and easy clean up.  Easy is good!

I have a little down time between lunch and bowling.  Nap now or sew, that is the question?  I decided to write this blog and then sew.  Sewing is my therapy of choice.

Will show the results of my sewing on Design Wall, Monday.  Whatever you do today, speed up or slow down, enjoy your Saturday.

Yours in quilting,

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