Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vintage Thursday - Favorite

One of my favorite things in our house is this hutch.  It resides in our dining room.  The story on this piece goes "if you don't come get it within 2 hours, it will be burnt in the burn pile with the garbage."  Rod and I were just a poor young couple just starting to make a home.  His mother found us this hutch and it was in poor disrepair. We hurried to borrow a pick-up truck and go out and load this piece in the back.  It evidently had been in someone's garage and held cans of motor oil and who knows what else.  When opening the drawer, we found mouse's nests and chewing marks on the drawer divider.
We searched for someone to help repair the backside of the hutch so the piece would stand square.  Then I sanded it down.  The inside that is painted ivory was so stained from whatever had been set on the shelves, that I sealed the shelves with primer and painted the inside.  The exterior got several coats of satin polyurethane. 
I love keeping my collection of glassware and serving pieces on the shelves.  The cat's favorite napping spot is up on top on the quilts.  It was such a hunk of junk when we hauled it home and I think it was a great rescue of an antique.
Tuesday, I was in a baking mood with the snow falling and it was cold outside.  I talked about baking cookies.  Well last night I finally got back to finish baking the cookies I had mixed up.
The quiches and the meatloaf I baked that night were a big hit with the family.
I have linked up with the 627 Handworks and Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.
Yours in quilting,


  1. furniture thats lived a life is always the best

  2. I love that hutch too!!! Always thought it had so much character. Now I know why, because you rescued it and gave it loving care.

  3. What a great makeover of that vintage cabinet. You did a great job.