Thursday, November 1, 2012

Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter

Well I just finished lunch.  Yummy beef and noodles left over from last night.  I knew last night would be crazy busy with Halloween trick or treaters.  We had about 3 dozen trick or treaters. Having something in the crock pot was the easiest way to have something warm when we could sit down to eat.

Dessert is a honeycrisp apple and a single serving of carmel.  Melt in your mouth good.

So, yesterday Bonnie Hunter released the fabric requirements for her 2012 Mystery Quilt called Easy Street.  (Please visit her website and then go to her blog post for 10/31/12 for the instructions.)  The colors she chose are lime green, turquoise, and purple with the background color of grey. The filler neutrals are white/black backgrounds or shirtings.  I have contacted my friend, Lisa K, who has downsized her stash because of moving.  She still has some fabrics that will help me with more scraps for this quilt.  I tend to collect country colors so these brights are out of the box for me.  Reaching out for help from my friend to fill in where needed and then will shop for the rest.

The clues for the mystery will be given each Friday, starting Friday, Nov. 23rd, on Bonnie's blog.

Here's what I pulled from my stash but the yardage is very limited as these are mostly small pieces.
My friends, Cathy Keiser and Barb Amrein, are also talking of working on this quilt.  We are going to challenge each other to complete this one together.  The quilt finishes 96" x 96".  I think this will call for lots of sewing days, girls!  Terry

Sew on!!!!

Small Quilts

I have a special place in my heart for small quilts.  I have quite a few and continue to make more out of my scraps.  Sometimes I remain true to the pattern and use only Civil War Repro fabrics.  But more and more I am branching out and using Edyta Sitar's method of mixing all fabrics in my quilts.
This Edyta's method of variety of fabrics removes my limitations in having enough variety of Civil War fabrics.

I like to use these small quilts as leader and ender projects.  For more information on leader and enders visit , Bonnie Hunter's website.

I am currently working on a small quilt called "Grandpa's Cards" out of Civil War Legagcies by Carol Hopkins.  I am remaining true to the Civil War Repro fabrics in this one.  I recently made a trip to JJ Stitches Quilt Shop in Sun Prairie, WI and bought the background fabric and fabric for the alternate blocks/setting triangles.  Below is a block waiting to be sewn together.  I lay blocks on my machine table the way it should be sewn. The half-square triangles are 2.5".  The hourglass blocks have 1.5" blocks or half-square triangles. 

Below are the next 3 blocks waiting to be squared up.  Notice the nectar of life is sitting there, MMMmmmmm... Diet Coke. 
Below are the blocks I have completed.  The pattern requires 20 of these blocks so I have a ways to go.  My goal is to complete this quilt and get it quilted for the March 2013 show.  :) 
Stay tuned...