Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Finishes

This has been an adventurous week with many changes.  My husband's job changed immensely from last week to this week.  His job as we knew it ended last Friday, after 23 years.  He started a new job as a warehouseman in a new plant on Monday.  As we age, it is a little more challenging to change, and certainly has more wear and tear on the body.  We have adjusted our lifestyle this week from morning people to night people.  This has also played havoc with our sleeping schedules and availability to make plans.  Ah, being a grown-up is so much fun!  :)

My finishes for this week are a queen size quilt for my customer, Carol.  It was so nice and square.

My husband and son are standing on dining room chairs to hold it up for pictures on the back deck.
I am late writing and posting this post today.  I wanted to finish another customer's quilt first.  This is a fun, young, vibrant quilt.  This is only her second quilt but she stated she has a third top done. This one is a Christmas gift so needed to finish it so she has time to get the bind done.
Here's a close up.
The whole quilt.  I used Fuschia thread by Perma Core and the pattern is called Drop of Paisley by Anne 
Have a great weekend!  I hope you have some sewing time.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Oh, wow - that's a huge change! Especially with kids in the mix. Hopefully a rhythm works its way out very quickly for you.