Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday Finishes

Here is my first finish on Tuesday.  It turned out very nice.  This was the customer's first quilt and she did a great job.  She has the fever and I am sure we will see many more quilts from her in the future.  Below is a close up of the edge to edge pattern called owl eyes that she chose.  Used a variegated YLI thread.

Below is a baby quilt that was a rush job.  The quilt will be travelling to California next week to its new home.
I used a soft gold thread called Barley by Quilter's Choice. The pattern used was "In the Jungle" by Ann  It has a hippo, a giraffe, zebra and lion in the edge to edge pattern.  It turned out really cute.  You know how it goes when you are in a hurry things don't go well, but I had this finished with no big issues other than running out of bobbin thread on the last row.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yours in quilting,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Squirreling Around

I was downstairs working hard on finishing the quilting on a customer's quilt when the dogs started going nuts. I wondered who in the heck was at the front door now or who is walking by that the dog's are so bothered with?  So finally,  I pause the machine and run up to see what is happening.  Sitting on the front porch is Mr. Squirrel shaking his fluffy tail at the dogs.  Then he hops down into our blue recycle tub and chews on our Casey's pizza box.  He does a quick dip into the box and then just sits there while I take picture with both the iPad and cell phone.  He certainly enjoyed his celebrity status and teasing the dogs.

If I wanted to get anything accomplished, the dogs needed to take naps so into their kennels they went.  I bored them to sleep with the whirring of the Longarm.  I was able to complete a lap and baby quilt.

Hoping to take a day off tomorrow for a little shopping!

Yours in quilting,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pictures from the Quilt Show

It takes a whole guild to put on a show. Our guild is 64 members strong. We hung 232 quilts on Friday, with the center isle of quilts playing dominoes and falling down about 1pm.  It was like playing pick up sticks, carefully picking up the quilts and black clothes that hung between the rows of quilts.  That set us back at least 1.5 hrs.  But the show must go on.  We just dug deeper into our souls for more energy. 

Below are Linda Sampo, Helen Bickett, and Joyce Allen taking admission at the front door.

Above is Annette Byrne selling raffle tickets to the Mariner's Compass quilt and pillow cover.  The winner of the quilts draw late Sunday was Marlene Gibson.  Congratulations to Marlene for winning Best in Show and the raffle quilts.  Hope you went out and bought a lottery ticket!

Above is Carolyn Schmitt working at the Boutique.

All weekend Mary Serafini was busy with quilt appraisals.  She is also mentoring a future quilt appraiser.

Above is Claudia Mykiska and Barb Amrein consulting over the used magazine and book sales.  In the background you can see the vendor booths set up around the perimeter of the building.

Below is LeeAnn Clary and Ann Baker who were in charge of the raffle baskets.  There were 20 gift baskets and 2 money trees raffled off.  Wow, were those baskets loaded with goodies.  The Moses basket loaded with goodies for a new baby was stunning.  Any new born was going to be very comfortable in this collection of clothing, quilt, and assorted baby goodies.

Above is the ongoing sewing table.  I was piecing a superman quilt and my lovely assistants decided they wanted to try their hand at sewing on the Featherweight machine.  This is Savannah and Bryar, our budding quilters.  They were our very helpful assistants all weekend.  Thanks girls.

Above is the Viewer's Choice Winner from our 2011 Quilt Show. (Linda Sampo and the side of Helen Bickett)
Below is the Silent Auction booth on Sunday.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures of our 2013 Sea of Dreams Quilt Show. 
Yours in quilting,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Quilts in the Show

In preparation for the 2013 Covered Bridge Quilt Guild Show, I finished my last customer's quilt on Feb. 14th.  Then I kicked in high gear to finish the 12 quilts I had entered.  Yikes, what was I thinking.  I had set myself some big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs).  That comes from my many years of State employment where we were always setting goals that seemed impossible to challenge ourselves.  And so it continues in my next career as a quilter and longarm quilter.

I entered 12 quilts, only 3 of which were finished when I completed the entry forms.

"T is for Temperance" was completed in August 2013 and show in the Bureau County Fair and now the Guild's show.

The applique "Basket Quilt" was also show in the August 2013 Bureau County Fair and received a second in the fair and third place in this weekend's quilt show.

                                                     The "Hourglass" Tablerunner.

The quilts below this sentence were all in some state of completion as of Feb. 14th, and I set the BHAG of completing them all in time for judging on Thurs., March 14th.  All but one of the quilts were completed. The first quilt is Easy Street.  It required the most work to be completed for the the show and the one I am most proud of .  It receive second place. 


Here is a view of the unique ribbons.

This "Sporting Pinwheels" quilt was created from leftover pieces from a lap size quilt made for an 8 year old boy who loves basketball and other sports.

The "Asymetrical Strippy" quilt was created in Fulton, IL at Susan's Calico Creations during a retreat where we exchanged 3.5", 2.5" and 1.5" strips and then made our own quilts.  My husband enjoys geometrical styled quilts, so he was my inspiration.

This is a Spicy Spiral Tablerunner in country colors.  This quilt will be auctioned off at the United Way Auction this weekend.  Spring colored tablerunner next to it belongs to Mary Wallis, I also made that one.

This Spicy Spiral Tablerunner won second place.  It will be auctioned off on Thurs., March 21st at the Ladies Night Out at the Manlius Lutheran Church.  This tablerunner was still a pile of fabric when I completed the entry form.  The Double Dutch Star quilt (below) was only shown because I could not finish my last bed size quilt, so this quilt filled the space.

This baby quilt was made for Reed.  His grandpa's favorite color is orange so I included the orange border.  The triangles were given to me by a friend, Sherri, who challenged me to make something out of her leftovers.  Tah da, Sherri, I made a quilt!!!  Reduce, Recyle, Reuse.....its a "green" quilt, don't you agree?

Below is the Black Cat quilt.  This has been laying in my stash for many years and finally is complete.

Thank you for viewing my quilts with me.

Yours in quilting,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sea of Dreams Quilt Show

This past weekend was the Covered Bridge Quilt Guild's Bi-Annual Quilt Show held at the Bureau County Fairgrounds.

Congratulations to all the winners. The top winners of the weekend are as follows:

Marlene Gibson won the Raffle Quilts (queen size bed quilt and quilt for pillow cover.)

                                                   Marlene Gibson for Best In Show.

            Annette Byrne for Judge's Choice.

                                                   Wanda Stenzel for Viewer's Choice.

Congratulations to Martha Patelli and her quilt show committee for all the planning and collaboration. The guild put in an all out team effort! Cindy Ganschow and Annette Byrne's registration system kept all quilts accounted for and orderly. Yvonne Mormon's hanging system displayed everyone's quilts for all to see.  Impressive job, Ladies!!!!

Hope everyone took it easy today and got some much needed rest.

Yours in quilting,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Easy Street Quilted

There was some whooping and howling going on about 5pm yesterday.  After a few frustrations, Easy Street, mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter ( is quilted!!!!

My two favorite gentlemen held the quilt up for a quick picture before the sun went down.
Rod, my husband and Aaron, my son, are behind the scenes holding the quilt up on our front porch.

I have 11 quilts entered in the quilt show next weekend in Princeton, IL at the Bureau County Fairgrounds, 9-5 on Sat. and 11-4 on Sun, March 16 and 17th.  Please come visit us.

Yours in quilting,