Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Tip

Since I started working at Bath and Body Works last fall, we have to wear white shirts to work.  I dug out a few old shirts and found that they had yellow underarm stains.  I tried several things that didn't seem to do the job.  My friend, Lisa Barnes, suggested Grandma's Secret Recipe Spot Remover.  I finally remembered to pick some up at the quilt shop.
Its hard to squeeze but put the spot remover on the yellow stain and it does remove it.  I have saved several shirts from the rag bag.
So if it works on underarm stains, how about other stains you ask?  I found a pair of jeans that my son had worn while putting new brakes on a car.  I put Grandma's Secret on the grease stains and washed almost right away.  Stains gone!!!
This is not a paid ad,  this is just information from my own experience.
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Yours in quilting,