Monday, October 28, 2013

Cutting It Up

WooHoo!!!  I have the rest of my star blocks cut out.  I was cleaning house and waiting for a customer to drop off a quilt this morning and then I headed back down to the studio.  There laid a pile of blue fabrics just begging to be cut into star units.  So I kept cutting and continued to dig for additional scraps.  I have 38 additional blocks cut out that can be used as leader and ender blocks while sewing. 
I have carefully put them in stacks and then into sandwich baggies.  The units in each block are only 1 3/4" big when sewn together.  The block will be 4 1/4" big unfinished.  These cut pieces are laying on the top of a Sterilite tub.  See my earlier story:
Have a good evening.  Time to make dinner,
Yours in quilting,

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