Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Winter

The hubby had been plans to get some winterizing done.  After a hardy breakfast, he had three goals to complete today.  First goal was to mow the lawn for the final time. Done!!

I tried to get a chore or two out of the way while he was outside.  I had been given some vegetables to freeze or can.  I cleaned and cut up several bags of carrots.  I blanched, cooled and bagged them up.
Woo hoo, 5 quarts of carrots to freeze.
Next, the zucchini squash has been laying on my counter top for longer than I care to admit. 
Washed, chunked and then shredded in the food processor.
 I dug out my age old zucchini bread recipe and made one batch of bread which yielded four loaves.

Second goal, replace the screen in the sliding screen door.  Now this is something that needs to be done at least twice a year as we have four dogs.  In their hurry to get inside, one of the dogs will inevitably forget that that screen is closed and run into it.  It might hold up for one or two hits, then RIP, and the screen is flapping in the breeze.  We decided instead of taking the screen door to the local hardware store for replacement, we would attempt the replacement ourselves.   It was a two person job and about a half hour of patience.   I had purchased the screen fabric at Wal Mart at a cost of about $12.  It would have cost $30 to have the hardware store do it.  I purchased pet-tough screen fabric so it will be interesting to see if it last longer.  It is darker in color so I am hoping they can see it better.  Goal two, done!

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Rascal the Yorkie, was yelping for help.  I found him under the oak commode in the living room appearing to be stuck.  By the time I grabbed the phone and pushed the camera button, he had figured his way out.

Third goal, pick up hay and stack it in tack stall for winter.  Hubby headed out to meet our farmer friend to pick up 25 bales of grass hay.  This will make our horse, Hoot, very happy this winter with a full belly to keep warm.  Done!

Blog writing for today, done!

Tonight, hubby says we are going out to dinner to relax.  Yippee!

Yours in quilting,

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