Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Got Rain!

Today about 4:45pm we got rain in LaSalle.  When I walked out of work about 5:10pm it was a warm rain shower.  Made me want to kick off my shoes and walk around with my face to sky. felt so good. 

Now I just hope it keeps coming on a regular basis.  That ought to liven things up.

Tomorrow is Friday.  TGIF  The weather predictions are favorable and I am looking forward to time with Rod.  He's on vacation next week.  We'll see what kind of trouble we can get into!
Stay tuned.  Terry

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finished Two Additional Blocks

I finished two additional blocks for the block of the month quilt at Quilter's Garden.  I am all caught up and that feels good. 
Join me, pull out a UFO and finish a block or two.  Stay cool!  Terry

Block of the Month ala Quilter's Garden

Quilter's Garden is currently in the middle of a block of the month project.  Meet the owners of Quilter's Garden, Beth Rosene (on the left) and Carol Keller (right).  This picture was taken during Garden Club which meets once a month.  Join us! There's three different meeting times to fit your schedule. 
Many of the club members are doing the block of the month in country colors but I had a wild idea to create mine in Amish style colors.  Stay tuned for future blocks.  Stop into Quilter's Garden and tell them Terry sent you.  Have a marvelous Monday!  Terry

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bloomin' Cool

I have been watering my pots on the front and back porches.  The poor yard almost looks like a beach with the grass bleached out to off white and tan shades.  The Gerber daisies are blooming right now. They look cool and calm in the middle of all the sun parched perennials.

Hiding up on the front porch in our antique planter are three very happy coleus.

The sky keeps threatening rain, but all we have gotten are heavy sprinkles.  Anyone know of a great rain dance?

Have a super Sunday, Terry

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Are You Working On?

Lately, I have been working on an assortment of projects.  As some of you know I retired on May 31st from my job with the State of Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services.  BUT, because the wheels of state government move at a snail's pace, I have been hired back on an "emergency" contract for 60 days which ends Aug. 10th.  There were four coordinators working in my office and all of us retired on the same day.That put a kink in my plans for quilting. 

I have a "quilting block" like writer's get writer's block. I have dabbled in quilting but can't just go whole hog at it. I completed this repair job.

I have three quilts that really need to be quilted.  The first one is a beautiful red and white quilt.  I have it out and have been laying out the patterns for the quilting.  Then there is a warm flannel quilt and a Civil War beauty.  Sending up a prayer that I will have the quilting bug bite me soon and get back at it!

Stay cool this weekend.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Wishes to Marv and Sue/Breaking the Acorn Banks

Patiently waiting.
Today was annual Acorn Bank breaking day in church.  All year long the church members put change into Acorn Banks for children's missions. 

The children line up after the childrens' sermon for their chance to break at least one acorn bank with a hammer. This event is popular with every age group as you will see by the pictures.   Each bank is wrapped in a sealed sandwich baggie to prevent flying pieces from hurting someone.

The last three banks for saved for Lisa Kay, who was the last person Pastor Marv baptised.

One for Sue-Sue.

And, one for Pastor Marvin.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Insure Your Quilts

Here's an example of why you should insure your quilts.  You never plan to have a fire.

Tonight Rod and I attended the Friends and Family Night at the new Bella's Restaurant (the old Stagecoach Spagetti Restaurant).  It was good to have a neighborhood restaurant open just down the street.  We missed that sweet garlic bread.

When we arrived home the sirens starting going off and even more surprising the fire was in our neighborhood.  Below is what we saw as we walked over a block and a half to 906 Longhaven St.

This is a 12 apartment complex with front half of the roof fully engulfed in flames.  Everyone made it out safely but this uprooted 30 people and was a total loss.  The Red Cross, United Way, The Closet and the Nazarene Church are collecting items for the people who lost their homes.

In about 15 to 20 minutes we watched the monster fire eat through the roof and attic area.  All the Bureau County fire departments came to provide mutual aid because of the heat and size of the fire.
It was 101 degrees at 6pm when we got home, so can you imagine wearing fire fighting gear?  We watched as they rotated teams of fire fighters to different hoses to give the fire fighters relief to cool off.
This is what was left before dark.  The roof had collapsed.

The fire dept. setting up lighting to watch for hot spots.

Have your quilts appraised and insured. 

Yours in quilting,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary, Rod, And the Best Thing I Ever Made

On June 30th, we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my retirement, and Aaron's healing from his car accident.  Above is the picture cake showing the wedding and the new improved couple!

We had our party at the Bureau County Metro Center and entertained about 150 friends and family. Thanks to all the ladies that helped in the kitchen to provide a beautiful buffet.  Also, thank you to Dad and Pat, Cathy and Robin, who endured helping me make the food.  MMmmm, good.

 Thanks to Aaron's friend for the DJ services and playing our favorite tunes to dance to.

Thank you to everyone who chose to help us celebrate; friends and family from near and far.
Thank you, God for healing our son.  He's the best thing I've every made!!

Amen,  Terry