Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

The travel conditions weren't looking good today and things were caught up at work.  So I declared today a Snow Day.  After a quick trip to Wal Mart for a few last minute items, I got busy in the kitchen.  Started off making the carmel corn above.  Yumm, Yumm! Let's say I did a little more than taste testing.  Its addictive!

Next I made a rasberry salad for the Christmas Potluck tomorrow at work.  Yes, I am back to work for 60 calendar days training a new employee.

Last I made a roast with carrots in the oven after the carmel corn came out.  I also practiced making mashed potatoes.  Haven't made real ones for a while.  I tend to cheat and make the ones out of the box.  Everything turned out wonderful and it was real quiet at the dinner table because everyone was so eating the good food.  On such a cold, blustery night this comfort food sure filled and warmed us up.  Blessings to all!  Terry

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street

Easy Street is the mystery that Bonnie Hunter has going on over at her blog.  I have been able to keep up throught Clue 4. 

In the back basket see Step 1.  Gray and white four patches.

Just in front of the basket are at purple and white flying geese units which where Clue 2.

On the right Clue 3 units with the teal triangles.

Oops, sorry I do not have a picture of Clue 4 units, they are purple flying geese units with teal wings and lime green 3 1/2 inch squares.  Tomorrow morning Clue 5 will be released.  We are half done!!!
Blessings, Terry

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card

For the past few years I have been able to import pictures and make our Christmas card on a website.  I think this year's turned out  pretty good.  Thanks to Lori Stuckenberg who took the picture of Rod and I at our 25th Wedding Anniversary/Retirement Party.  God bless us, everyone!  Terry

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Today started off with breakfast with the Miller's and off to our final "newbie" Sunday school class and church.  It was a drizzly, foggy morning.  After a quick stop off at Wal Mart for a few things, Rod and I headed home to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas. 

We had spent Saturday trying to clean up clutter before hauling all the decoration tubs upstairs.
The painter had been here last week to paint the ceilings on the main floor.  Funny how all the knick knacks and furniture didn't put themselves back after the painter left. :(  It seems to take much longer to put things back than it did to tear it apart.

I am pleased to say the tree is decorated.  We found an animated Santa that Aaron has had since he was little.  Hadn't put it out for a few years, so we put it in the front bay window.  Rascal, the Yorkie and Harry Potter, the Aussie, had never met Santa. 
Rascal growled and Harry barked his "this is my house" bark.    Rod introduced both dogs to Santa and explained they better be good or Santa wouldn't leave them big bones or kibble in their stockings.
Later we let Indy, the youngest Aussie, in the house and his reaction was "whoa, wait a minute, who's this dude?"

As you can see Rascal crashed after a long day of decking the halls.

And, Indy promised "I'll be good Santa, really I will.  Just please bring me a really BIG rawhide!"

Jesus is the reason for the Season!  Enjoy!  Terry

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter

Well I just finished lunch.  Yummy beef and noodles left over from last night.  I knew last night would be crazy busy with Halloween trick or treaters.  We had about 3 dozen trick or treaters. Having something in the crock pot was the easiest way to have something warm when we could sit down to eat.

Dessert is a honeycrisp apple and a single serving of carmel.  Melt in your mouth good.

So, yesterday Bonnie Hunter released the fabric requirements for her 2012 Mystery Quilt called Easy Street.  (Please visit her website and then go to her blog post for 10/31/12 for the instructions.)  The colors she chose are lime green, turquoise, and purple with the background color of grey. The filler neutrals are white/black backgrounds or shirtings.  I have contacted my friend, Lisa K, who has downsized her stash because of moving.  She still has some fabrics that will help me with more scraps for this quilt.  I tend to collect country colors so these brights are out of the box for me.  Reaching out for help from my friend to fill in where needed and then will shop for the rest.

The clues for the mystery will be given each Friday, starting Friday, Nov. 23rd, on Bonnie's blog.

Here's what I pulled from my stash but the yardage is very limited as these are mostly small pieces.
My friends, Cathy Keiser and Barb Amrein, are also talking of working on this quilt.  We are going to challenge each other to complete this one together.  The quilt finishes 96" x 96".  I think this will call for lots of sewing days, girls!  Terry

Sew on!!!!

Small Quilts

I have a special place in my heart for small quilts.  I have quite a few and continue to make more out of my scraps.  Sometimes I remain true to the pattern and use only Civil War Repro fabrics.  But more and more I am branching out and using Edyta Sitar's method of mixing all fabrics in my quilts.
This Edyta's method of variety of fabrics removes my limitations in having enough variety of Civil War fabrics.

I like to use these small quilts as leader and ender projects.  For more information on leader and enders visit , Bonnie Hunter's website.

I am currently working on a small quilt called "Grandpa's Cards" out of Civil War Legagcies by Carol Hopkins.  I am remaining true to the Civil War Repro fabrics in this one.  I recently made a trip to JJ Stitches Quilt Shop in Sun Prairie, WI and bought the background fabric and fabric for the alternate blocks/setting triangles.  Below is a block waiting to be sewn together.  I lay blocks on my machine table the way it should be sewn. The half-square triangles are 2.5".  The hourglass blocks have 1.5" blocks or half-square triangles. 

Below are the next 3 blocks waiting to be squared up.  Notice the nectar of life is sitting there, MMMmmmmm... Diet Coke. 
Below are the blocks I have completed.  The pattern requires 20 of these blocks so I have a ways to go.  My goal is to complete this quilt and get it quilted for the March 2013 show.  :) 
Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Our prayers go out to all that have been effected by Sandy.  We experience tornados in Illinois.
In 2008, we did get 9 inches of rain from Katrina.  Experienced flooding in our basement and thanks to my cousin and his family we bailed and used shop vacs to suck out the rain water. 

Last year we had a basement system installed, as once you've had flooding, it continues to find a way in when the ground is saturated.

To all those out East--stay safe and remain strong.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sheep Shuffle Surprise

How do you get to the quilt store via the Great Sheep Shuffle?  LOL  I would have never believed that Saturday would bring that kind of adventure.  My friend, Kelly and I took off for Beaver Dam, WI, about 7:45am.  In the back seat of her Malibu was a dog crate with a 40 lb ram lamb in it named, Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam was the perfect passenger.  He never said a Baa....just chewed his breakfast of hay.

We were to meet Sandy at the McDonald's in Beaver Dam and transfer Pearl Jam to her car. Kelly and I ran inside because we were a little early.  We both love the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, so filled our tummies for the rest of the journey. Sandy arrived and the instant kismet we all had over our pets was stunning.  All of us are hopeless animal lovers.  We headed out to the parking lot and moved Pearl Jam to Sandy's car.

Sandy explained that she had just come from the local fairgrounds where she purchased three hens.
Kelly's eyes were as big as saucers at the sound of chickens for sale.  She listened to Sandy's directions to the fairgrounds and we were off to buy chickens.  We found the chickens she wanted right away but finding the seller was a little more difficult.  Kelly knew what she wanted and it was accomplished in 10 minutes.  We were on a mission...we had delivered the lamb, bought three hens (now in the dog crate in the back seat), and were headed back to Sun Prairie to shop for fabric at JJ Stitches. 
( Please visit OK Acres blog, to see Kelly's amazing fiber farm.)
 I explained to to Kelly that she probably would want brighter fabrics for her quilt.  Oh no, this writer was wrong!  Before 10 minutes were up, she had picked out a pattern and was picking out fat quarters like a pro.  To check our selections, we asked Julie Hendrickson, the owner of JJ Stitches for assistance.  Julie calculated the additional fabric we needed and pulled additional fabric bolts.  Before you could say "Jiffy Cake" we had all the fabrics for Kelly's queen size quilt and were standing at the cutting table.  We told the ladies working at the quilt store about our morning sheep shuffle, paid our bill and waltzed out to the door to head home.   All that shopping had made us hungry, so Kelly whipped into Popeye's Chicken for refueling our tummies.
We made it back to Monroe by 2pm and loaded my vehicle with all the goodies and I was off for home.   I needed to arrive at Los Ranchitos Restaurant by 4pm for dinner with DH and our bowling partners.  I was 18 minutes late but called DH to order for me.
Had a safe trip home, bowled and headed home to unpack the Acadia and settle in for night.
I love making spontaneous plans, look what a great adventure it turned into. Terry

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dessert Is Served!

Chocolate Heath Pudding Pie
After posting my first story today.  I went out to the kitchen to check on dessert.  MMMMmmmm.... looking good.  Rod and I are enjoying it.  Getting our chocolate fix.

Move over Baker's Square, there's a new pie-maker in town.

Terry :)

Lunch Popped Up

Today I cleaned house, gathered and started doing laundry, planned some menus and created a grocery list.  Headed out to do the shopping.  On my way to Wyanet, stopped and decorated Grandma Ruth's grave for fall.  Grave decorating was important to her so I have tried to change the flowers on Mom and her graves seasonally.

Visited the Wyanet Locker to stock up on meat.  Bought a package of bacon as my dad sent me home with a huge tomato that is calling out for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

Stocked up on ground chuck for casseroles, soup and hamburgers on the grill.  Then on to grocery store for the rest of the necessities.  Over a $100 spent at that stop.  Yikes, you can tell it has been sometime since I bought groceries.  By the time I arrived home it was after lunch time and I was famished. 

So I popped up some popcorn, added some butter and popcorn salt.  Poured a Diet Coke and then my two buddies showed up to share. Meet the Popcorn Vulchers.

They circle and beg until I finally give in and share my popcorn.  Harry Potter is the black, white and tan Australian Shepherd and Rascal, five pounds of tenacious Yorkshire Terrier.  Can't you just read the pleading and begging look they are giving me while I stuff my mouth full of buttered, warm popcorn?  So after we shared the popcorn, they went and took naps.  That left me to finish putting away all the groceries and to start cooking.

Today I was able to make a party corn casserole (shown below,

Grandma Pat's casserole, scalloped potatoes and ham, chocolate heath pie, and put a chicken in to roast.  Rod came home and we put an acorn squash in the oven for dinner and he grilled brats.  After the chicken cools, I will pick the meat off the bones and then put the carcass back in the stew pot and cook it more to make broth.

I plan to make the recipe for Easy Chicken Stuffed Pasta Shells from the Colorado Lady's blog (  The picture looks mouth-watering yummy.

My goal today was to start stocking up on meals ready to pop in the oven so I can spend more time quilting.  I am off to a good start.  Hope you had a productive day, too!  Terry

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harry Potter, Therapy Dog

Enjoyed accomplishing one of my retirement goals today.  Harry Potter, my Australian Shepherd and I were the guest speakers at the Care Givers Support Group at the Bureau County Metro Center today.  I spoke about my care giving experiences with my mom, dad, grandmother and my son.  Then I provided Harry's story and the journey to becoming a therapy dog. Harry gave an awesome laid back presentation.  After a question and answer period, Harry generously provided therapy to all.  Of course, those who slipped him a doggie treat got a little extra atttention.  Many thanks to Nedda Simon and Kathy O'Malley for the invitation along with Tammy Lange and Elaine Russell of the Bureau County Metro Center.

One of the people with whom I got to reconnect with today was Carol Gugerty(on the left, Elaine Russell on the right and me in the middle).  Carol, her daughter-Amy Affelt, and myself all lived in the same apartment complex 27 years ago. 

What a great day!  Harry even got to go into the Quilter's Garden and give therapy to Beth and Carol.  He had them on their knees!! 
Happy Fall, Terry

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do You Burgoo!

This view is the downtown view of Utica, IL, today.  The annual Burgoo Festival was held as a fund raiser to support the Historical Society.  Over 100 craft vendors, flea market vendors, and of course food vendors were participating today.   As it shows in my picture, it started out gray and chilly while we shopped the vendors.  We headed back to the house for the people watching, getting warmed up, shrimp cocktails and bloody mary's while waiting for dinner to finish cooking.  

Mmmmm.... the sweet smell of grills. We enjoyed a mouth-watering meal of pulled pork, pasta salad, etc. Our hosts today were Tony and Luci, our new bowling partners.  A great time was had by all!  So proud of myself, I didn't buy a thing.

On the way home, I convinced Rod to drive by Kohl's.  I had some Kohl's cash burning a hole in my pocket and wanted to pick up some new PJs.  I love a bargain and got new PJs for $7.92!

We headed to the horse barn.  Watered and fed the horses, along with giving them some attention.
Cleaned the barn and headed home.  About the time we headed for home we both realized it was now warmer than it had been all day.  Go figure! Arriving at home, I tackled the loads of laundry waiting.  My motivation was the planned sewing day at Mary's tomorrow.  Its Columbus Day and Mary has the day off.  Woo HOO!  I'm ready.  Haven't even unpacked from my Hand Applique by Machine class taught by Beth Ferrier on Saturday.  Sleep tight.......Terry

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guys & Quilts!

I know you don't usually think of guys and quilts together but I happen to think most things are enjoyable in groups.  So I offered to my friend, Mary, that we take the husbands with us to the Mississippi Valley Quilt Show in Davenport, IA  and the stop at Le Claire, IA.  Mary liked my idea and the guys agreed.  The first thing Saturday morning the four of us met two other friends for breakfast at our usual hangout, the Coffee Cup, for breakfast.  The Johnson's and the Wallis' headed for Davenport and the Miller's headed for the Ryder Cup in Chicago.

Scott, Mary's husband, followed the Garmin to the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and dropped us off.  The guys provided valet parking, bought us tickets for the raffle quilt and escorted us around the quilt show.  The husbands were so patient.

Congratulations to the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild for a great show.

Mary & Scott Wallis
We headed back on Interstate 80 to Le Claire, IA. What a beautiful day spend strolling along the Mississippi River and Cody Street of Le Claire. We enjoyed lunch on the back deck of the Blue Iguana Mexican Restaurant. The leaves are just starting to change and with the warm weather a few boaters were passing by on the river.
Rod, my husband and myself at Blue Iguana
The four of us shopped the businesses to wear off all the good food we ate.  We ended our visit by dropping off one of the quilts I had finished at Expressions in Threads where my customer will pick it up.  Then walked up the hill to the American Pickers store(the picture above is at American Pickers' store).  Rod had never been there and enjoys watching the American Pickers Program on the History Channel.  Across the street is Danielle's store, 4 Miles to Memphis (named after her children, Miles and Memphis).   Walking back to the car, we picked up a cold soda and headed for home.
Great friends, food, travel and fun!  Terry

Friday, September 28, 2012

Laugh Out Loud

Last Saturday afternoon the northend business district had a French Soiree with food vendors, crafters, music and specials in the local businesses.  We were strolling through Beetz Me enjoying all their fall decorating ideas, wine selections, drooling over the chocolates and then happened upon Agi the artist.  Agi was drawing caricatures of two teenage girls who had a case of the giggles.  Rod and I started to leave and I turned to him and said I would really like to have a picture drawn.  Agi had just finished with the girls and I asked if I could be next.  Below is the result. 
I hope this made you chuckle today!  Have a great weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather.


Satisfaction.....there is nothing like the feeling of completion of a job well done.  I have quilted these quilts in the last 10 days and it feels good.  These are both customer quilts.  (No quilts were damaged in these pictures.  The quilts have sheets underneath them to protect their backings.)  My wonderful husband assisted in placing the quilts safely in the yard and snapped a few shots. 
The top quilt is a Block of the Month project completed by my customer at the Fulton Retreat and sent home with me for quilting.  Here is a closer picture of it still on the longarm.
This quilt is also a customer's quilt created from a fabric strip exchange.   With this quilt there was so many possibilities.  The layouts were too numerous.  I will post mine in the near future.  I used back for my background, here the background is the lavender.

Have a great weekend.  Hope you can be outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Terry 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here!

The Bureau County Fair and the Homestead Festival are the signals for me that Fall is upon us. So between the two events I brought the tubs of decorations upstairs and decorated for fall. I was trying to have the house in shipshape order before family and friends arrived for the Homestead Festival. Nearly killed me doing it all in one day, but the results were stunning. The hubbie walked in the door at the end of his work day with a big smile on his face. 
This corner display is on the landing as you turn the corner to go upstairs.
I have so many quilts laying around.  Rolling up small quilts and putting them in this antique basket with silk leaves and the scarecrow to stand guard, gave the big pile of quilts on my trunk a little relief.  Rolling quilts instead of folding helps prevent permanent creasing.
Hope you are having fun decorating for fall.  What have you done to your home for fall decorations?
Terry :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Got Rain!

Today about 4:45pm we got rain in LaSalle.  When I walked out of work about 5:10pm it was a warm rain shower.  Made me want to kick off my shoes and walk around with my face to sky. felt so good. 

Now I just hope it keeps coming on a regular basis.  That ought to liven things up.

Tomorrow is Friday.  TGIF  The weather predictions are favorable and I am looking forward to time with Rod.  He's on vacation next week.  We'll see what kind of trouble we can get into!
Stay tuned.  Terry

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finished Two Additional Blocks

I finished two additional blocks for the block of the month quilt at Quilter's Garden.  I am all caught up and that feels good. 
Join me, pull out a UFO and finish a block or two.  Stay cool!  Terry

Block of the Month ala Quilter's Garden

Quilter's Garden is currently in the middle of a block of the month project.  Meet the owners of Quilter's Garden, Beth Rosene (on the left) and Carol Keller (right).  This picture was taken during Garden Club which meets once a month.  Join us! There's three different meeting times to fit your schedule. 
Many of the club members are doing the block of the month in country colors but I had a wild idea to create mine in Amish style colors.  Stay tuned for future blocks.  Stop into Quilter's Garden and tell them Terry sent you.  Have a marvelous Monday!  Terry

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bloomin' Cool

I have been watering my pots on the front and back porches.  The poor yard almost looks like a beach with the grass bleached out to off white and tan shades.  The Gerber daisies are blooming right now. They look cool and calm in the middle of all the sun parched perennials.

Hiding up on the front porch in our antique planter are three very happy coleus.

The sky keeps threatening rain, but all we have gotten are heavy sprinkles.  Anyone know of a great rain dance?

Have a super Sunday, Terry

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Are You Working On?

Lately, I have been working on an assortment of projects.  As some of you know I retired on May 31st from my job with the State of Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services.  BUT, because the wheels of state government move at a snail's pace, I have been hired back on an "emergency" contract for 60 days which ends Aug. 10th.  There were four coordinators working in my office and all of us retired on the same day.That put a kink in my plans for quilting. 

I have a "quilting block" like writer's get writer's block. I have dabbled in quilting but can't just go whole hog at it. I completed this repair job.

I have three quilts that really need to be quilted.  The first one is a beautiful red and white quilt.  I have it out and have been laying out the patterns for the quilting.  Then there is a warm flannel quilt and a Civil War beauty.  Sending up a prayer that I will have the quilting bug bite me soon and get back at it!

Stay cool this weekend.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Wishes to Marv and Sue/Breaking the Acorn Banks

Patiently waiting.
Today was annual Acorn Bank breaking day in church.  All year long the church members put change into Acorn Banks for children's missions. 

The children line up after the childrens' sermon for their chance to break at least one acorn bank with a hammer. This event is popular with every age group as you will see by the pictures.   Each bank is wrapped in a sealed sandwich baggie to prevent flying pieces from hurting someone.

The last three banks for saved for Lisa Kay, who was the last person Pastor Marv baptised.

One for Sue-Sue.

And, one for Pastor Marvin.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Insure Your Quilts

Here's an example of why you should insure your quilts.  You never plan to have a fire.

Tonight Rod and I attended the Friends and Family Night at the new Bella's Restaurant (the old Stagecoach Spagetti Restaurant).  It was good to have a neighborhood restaurant open just down the street.  We missed that sweet garlic bread.

When we arrived home the sirens starting going off and even more surprising the fire was in our neighborhood.  Below is what we saw as we walked over a block and a half to 906 Longhaven St.

This is a 12 apartment complex with front half of the roof fully engulfed in flames.  Everyone made it out safely but this uprooted 30 people and was a total loss.  The Red Cross, United Way, The Closet and the Nazarene Church are collecting items for the people who lost their homes.

In about 15 to 20 minutes we watched the monster fire eat through the roof and attic area.  All the Bureau County fire departments came to provide mutual aid because of the heat and size of the fire.
It was 101 degrees at 6pm when we got home, so can you imagine wearing fire fighting gear?  We watched as they rotated teams of fire fighters to different hoses to give the fire fighters relief to cool off.
This is what was left before dark.  The roof had collapsed.

The fire dept. setting up lighting to watch for hot spots.

Have your quilts appraised and insured. 

Yours in quilting,