Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vintage Thursday - Auction Quilts

During my high school years, my speciality was taking art classes.  Our art teacher was Mary Win Walters, and later to be know as Mary Win Walters Norris.  She was such a talented artist in many forms:  pencil, chalk, watercolor, oil, and pottery to name a few. She illustrated books, brochures and painted for commissions and donated countless art pieces to raise money for the community.
 I wish I could have appreciated her much more then as I do now. 

It was always my dream to own a "Mary Win Walters" piece of artwork.  About 10 years ago I was able to purchase a print of her work at an art auction, but I will not be sharing that today as it is not vintage to fit our theme.

A year ago, Mary Win's art and home were sold as she is currently in a nursing home.  She still draws almost daily with her chalks and is in her 90's.  I was able to attend two of the sales.  The first sale I was able to attend was at the Prairie Arts Center.  The first part of the sale, you could walk in and purchase a few of her older pieces at random.   Later that night they held a large auction which I was unable to attend.  I bought two paintings, both watercolors.
I wish I could show you the detailed painting.  This painting has her maiden name on it.  The glare on the museum quality glass prevents a good quality picture.  The picture is hanging in my living room for the fall season.  I will share the other painting at Christmas time.

At the second auction, which I attended at a whim, I did not expect to get any thing due to the prices.  I was pleasantly surprised to get two quilts.  The first was a nine patch quilt with many men's shirtings in it.  It is pretty good shape appears to be from about the 1930's.  I bought both quilts for a total of $25.
The second quilt is a Dresden Plate quilt in need of repair.  The sharp points on the stars are amazing considering it was made from templates.  Oh, how I wish these quilts could talk and tell their tales!
I felt like I had won the lottery buying the things I shared today.  I own a few "Mary Win Walters" pieces of art work and quilts.  I feel blessed to have been taught buy her.  She gave me two art scholarships in high school.  One scholarship took me to an art class at Illinois State University for two weeks in the summer and the other to Allerton Park for an art class through the University of Illinois.   This Spring I was invited to be the guest speaker at the Women's Club in Princeton.  They paid for my art scholarship at University of Illinois.  It was fun to share how far I had come since those high school days and how their scholarship made a difference for me.
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Have a great Thursday!
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  1. What a neat way to remember your hs teacher. I know it is very special to you and brings back many wonderful memories. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Let me tell you, you got a steal with two quilts. I love all of them old or new.

    1. I felt like I'd won the lottery. Thanks.