Saturday, May 5, 2012

Its Saturday!

Its Saturday, catch-up day, cleaning day, errand/grocery day, etc.  So what are you doing for your Saturday?  My sewing studio was calling but so were a million other things.  Spent some time with the dogs completing our morning routine of going potty, getting a drink, playing a little and one more potty stop before I hop in the shower.  Aaron did try to keep the little "Rascal" quiet, but only Momma would do, so I got up. 

After a shower texted the neighbor about our weekly breakfast meeting and agreed to meet in about 45 minutes.  French toast with cinnamon sugar, the breakfast of quilters, right?  Then I returned home to the reality of housework and laundry.  So I stripped the bed and headed to the basement, loaded the wash machine and started cleaning the kennel area, a never ending job.

This afternoon my back was aching and the dryer was trying to keep up with the washer.  So time for a little stitching time and off my feet to let the back rest.  A few Advil later along with a big glass of ice tea and I am cutting fabric so I can chain stitch blocks together.

We all need a little fabric therapy each day to nourish our bodies and our minds.  Hope you were able to get a few things accomplished today and catch a few rays of sunshine.  Have a great evening.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Learning to Blog

Good Evening...Just spent the last half hour talking with my dear friend, Kelly, about setting up my blog and making enhancements.
We were fooling around with adding pictures to my script and I chose this picture of Harry Potter, my constant companion and guard of my quilt stash.  Harry lays at the foot of the basement steps and all who enter must pay the toll of petting Harry before entering my sewing studio.  At the bottom of the picture, you can catch a glimpse of Rascal (but that will be another whole blog post).
Harry Potter

I know many quilters have animal companions and I am no exception. In future blogs, I will continue to introduce my family, the two and four legged versions.