Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall

A busy Monday morning before sending the hubby off to work.  We drove over to the horse barn to  clean, fill the water tank, check the horses and took over a small load of hay.  The weatherman is predicting snow showers tomorrow.  Yuck!  We haven't had enough fall weather yet or fall color.  The leaves are really just starting to change.   The horses were good.  Our horse, Hoot, came to the barn to see what we were up to and took a nibble of the hay we set out. 

On the way back into town, I suggested we stop at Subway for lunch.  Rod thought that sounded good and we chatted about the busy weekend and the plans for this week.  Rod is still adjusting to the new work schedule, so he has no plans but to work, eat, and sleep.  I am trying to keep the home fires burning by doing extra to relieve his stress. 

I have not been in my sewing studio all weekend until now.  I have one block to share on my design wall.  This lovely star block which is part of the Legacy Sampler block of the month.  One more month to go.  This Block of the Month is available through
I am looking forward to the finish! 
Today I am linking up with Patchwork Times.  Have a motivational Monday.
Yours in quilting,