Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tip

I finally I am finishing up putting away my Christmas decorations.  Part of putting away my Christmas related quilts and table runners is making sure they are clean.  My wall quilts get shaken off and then I use a lint roller to get any lint or pet hair off before storing them.

For table runners that have been around food, grease, and pets, they get rolled over by the lint roller and then delicately washed.  Make sure you store your quilts clean!  You don't want to encourage bugs or pets to chew on quilts.  You would be sick to open up your quilt next Christmas and find a hole or serious stain that had set in while being stored.

I roll my table runners to store them so there are no fold lines.  Large quilts I try to refold several times a year.

I ran over to my friend, Corry's, to drop off a cake mix to her.  Her cute grandson's were doing a craft project for pre-school.  They had to make snowmen out of three paper plates.  They were using Epson salts as snow.  Meet Kane and Keenan.  In the picture they were saying, "aren't our snowmen beautiful?"  Maybe they will be future quilters?
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Yours in quilting,


  1. I'm taking my Christmas hanging down tomorrow. I like your idea of rolling instead of folding. I doubt I can find any swimming pool noodles this time of year......

    1. You are probably right about finding pool noodles, but check out the clearance isle, you never know. I roll up table runners and small quilts and stick them in a basket out of sun light. When I pull them out, I run a lint roller over them and we are ready to go. Thanks, Libby