Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - Remembering My Mother

Did any of you feel the earth shutter or a big thud on Thursday?  That's when Quilter's Garden had a big annual sale with 30% all fabrics and wide backs, 40% off Christmas fabrics, and 50% off many notions.  First, I met my friend, Cathy K., for a shopping morning, but I arrived before her and fell off the "no buy fabric in 2014" wagon (unless its to finish a quilt).  It was not just a slip, it was a land slide.
I bought the above fabric to do the 2014 BOM on  The top cream fabric is for the snowmen heads in the first block.  The second fabric, blue snow flakes is a background and the third fabric that looks like waves is a second background.  The final fabric is 6.5 yds of backing for the quilt.  So not only did I fall off the wagon, I also planned to start yet another quilt!

Fat quarters were on sale 10 for $15, so what "quilty" girl could pass this opportunity up?  Most of the fat quarters are neutrals to stock up and have on-hand.

I did use up some fabric out of my stash this week.  I made four pillow cases to send to Washington for tornado victims. 

New fabrics bought:  15 yds

Fabrics used out of stash:  4 yds

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death.  She passed away 16 years ago at the young age of 59.  She had a brain tumor called a gleoblastoma and we had two months and twelve days with her after the diagnosis.  This gave the family one more Christmas and New Years together.

She is the person who encouraged me to sew, knit, crochet, and craft.  I had hoped we would quilt together in our retirements, but little did I know that quilting would become my grief therapy.  Love you, Mom!  You are one very special lady to many people.

Yours in quilting,


  1. Bless you, Dear. I remember the anniversary of my mother's death each year, also. At least she made it to 71. Your mom was far too young. Cancer is a bit**.

  2. aawww, my heart felt comfort for you girlfriend. We stick beside you though your sewing now that mom cant be there! Ill even help you buy more fabric! HUGS to you sista, I love you!! uuummmmm HEY, you beat me to the shop to snatch up the backgrounds!! I got plenty that day myself.