Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stash Report & Spring Cleaning

I have decided to follow the example set by other bloggers, and keep track of my stash for this year.
MY GOAL is to only buy fabric to finish quilts.  No buying fabric just because I like it or just to have on hand. long with this last.  Danger is just around the corner as Quilter's Garden, my local quilt store, is having a sale next weekend.  My quilting partner, Cathy K. is coming up for the sale. 

Used this Week:   0 yards
Used 2014 year to Date:  0 yards store purchased
0 yards of recycled fabrics

I have spent the weekend cleaning up my studio.  I swear I clean a pile and another grows!  I am proud to say you can now see my desk area.  Do you know my desk is white?  Yes, I found the bottom of it.  I have been using an enamel top table I bought at an auction as my desk.

I was hoping to have a group of Handi Quilters owners over Monday, January 13th, which has spurred me into the cleaning mode. It has been great to find a few items that got buried. 
I found a box of half-square triangles leftover from my Edyta Sitar, Friendship Triangle quilt.  These will come in handy to finish my 2013 Country Threads BOM.

While working the basement cleaning I set out some Rhodes frozen bread dough to rise.  It turned out pretty good.  I was suppose to the oven off when I put the frozen dough in the oven but misread the instructions.  I left the oven on for an hour and then checked the instructions and figured it out.  Turned the oven off for the rest of the time to rise and then baked them.  Tonight we enjoyed them with Cheesy Potato Soup.
Today was a miserably cold day.  We got over 6 inches of snow overnight.  This is my Acadia covered in snow.  DH was out shoveling and wiping off the cars.
DH shoveled a path for the dogs since we have a small 6 lb Yorkie to 60 lb Australian Shepherds.
We also had to travel to the horse barn and make sure the horse was warm, fed and the heated water buckets full.  It was a little tricky getting in near the barn with drifting snow.  The barn door is hard to open in this weather.  All was well and the horse was tucked in for the evening.  So we headed home and warmed up with soup.

Hope you had a safe, warm, and productive weekend!

Yours in quilting,

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  1. You are cleaning just for the girls? YAY, sort, sort. Keep at it your doing good! A little pressure never hurts anyone. See you at the Sale I hope! this weather is crazy!!