Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stash Report

I went out with my husband and the neighbors for breakfast.  I took the hubbie home to relax and I headed out to our little church in the country.  I promised Rod that if the roads were bad I would turn around.  They were a little slippery but not worth turning around.  I made it to church 5 minutes late, dropped off my casserole in the kitchen and headed up to the worship service already in progress.

At the end of the service, Peter the board chairman, got up in front of the church and asked us what we wanted to do.  While we were busy with the service, the weather had changed quickly.  Mother Nature was roaring in with winds blowing snow into blizzard conditions.
This picture is rather clear compared to what we really drove home in.  The congregation voted to go home rather than stay for Sunday School and the Annual Meeting that would take at least two hours.  Our church travels a large rural area to get there and home again, so it was best everyone got home safely.  The Annual Meeting is rescheduled for next Sunday.  This is the second time we have postponed the meeting due to weather.
I drove home and helped Rod pack.  Because he works over an hour away and it was predicted to get much worse, I encouraged him to go stay in a hotel close to work.  We got on Expedia and checked hotel prices.  He drove half way to the Quad Cities and then called me to tell me he was going to make it all the way there.  I booked his room on Expedia so all he had to do was check in.   As much as I hate having him gone, it was comforting to know he was safe. 
I went and took care of feeding the horse and cleaning the stall before it got dark. 
Then put a box of lasagna in the oven for dinner.  But even with best laid plans, I ate dinner alone.  My son's girlfriend was snowed in at a friend's home and my son slept through dinner.  I had fresh baked bread and lasagna while watching the Bachelor's Wedding and the Grammy's.

As for my stash report, I am very happy to tell you I did not buy any fabric and I have not used any fabric out of my stash.  I have been working on UFO's.  Will you show my progress in Design Wall blog tomorrow.

Stay warm and safe.  I am SO ready for SPRING!

Yours in quilting,

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