Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finishes

I started out the week going great guns.  I loaded a quilt for a customer and finished it in one night.
WooHoo!!! love it when things run smoothly.
 Full view
View of the backing 
Closer view of side
The pattern was Clover edge to edge with Omni Sage Green thread.  This thread is a wonderful blender.

This is #5 of the 8 memory quilts I have been working on since Christmas.  Quilts 5 thru 8 are for the four daughters. 

Below is #6 of 8 memory quilts.

All the memory quilts are quilted with the Ocean Froth pattern by Anne and Navy thread by Omni.
This wonderful country quilt was brought to me by my friend, Meribel.  It is for her mother-in-law.

It is also quilted in the Clover edge to edge, chosen by her.  We used Goose thread by Omni.  It blended nicely.

My goal was to quilt 6 quilts this week.  I was able to finish four.  I am proud of what I got done and will be back at the longarm the first of the week to finish more. 

My other finishes were a batch of Aunt Peggy's Spoon Rolls.
Below in the upper left, is a batch of Butter Chewies (hubbie's favorite), and three Spagetti Pizza Casseroles.
I would call this a productive week.  Think I deserve a weekend of sewing with the girls. (Just heard we might get three inches of snow so we might get snowed in!) Will try to post my stash report when I get home Sunday.  I am positive I will have good pictures of progress for the Design Wall post Monday.
Yours in quilting,


  1. That sounds like such a productive week. Love the quilting on the country quilt.

  2. Thanks so much for quilting my quilt Terry. It's beautiful, i think u have done a lot this week, so u deserved a weekend with ur girls :)

    1. Thanks Maribel, I have enjoyed quilting your quilts. You do beautiful work. I know your mother-in-law will enjoy the quilt and its comfort and warmth.

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  4. A VERY productive week. Very nice. You did a good job. I like your quilting.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to work through UFO's and customer quilts. If I can only keep up the energy!

  5. Your country quilt is adorable! (I love productive weeks like this)