Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working Wednesday-Sewing Studio

This week been spent catching up around here.  My sewing room has been buried in everything imaginable since Friday the 13th.  About that time both parents got ill, worked at the guild's sewing machine cleaning day, class reunion and Homestead Festival, all converged about the same time.  One of those at a time would have nice. :)

So each day this week, I have been trying to make progress at making room to work.  First, I cleaned off my sewing table.  I am only showing the after picture.  The before picture would have just shown piles of fabric, etc.  I am sure you can imagine what that looked like.  If you are thinking, she has two pin cushions.  Yes, you are right.  The little one sitting in the neck of the sewing machine is very handy because it is close to what you are sewing or piecing.  You just pull out the pins as you go and stick the pins in it.  The pin cushion is a spool block on top.  The pattern is available on Edyta Sitar's website,
The second area I cleaned and organized was to the right of my sewing table.  This is the area you first see when entering my sewing area.  It collects things.  A picture had fallen off the wall and the frame was broken.  I got out the Super Glue and glued the frame back together and applied new hangers, so its less likely to fall down again.  If you look closely the picture is laying on the ledge under the white bag.  Here is the before picture.  Notice Rascal, who is a Yorkie, thinks he's really a mountain goat and climbs on about anything.  He was my cheerleader and the gray fur at the bottom of the picture is Skye, a miniature Aussie.
So the end results looks like this.  No tubs and things are organized.
To the right of the pictures is the stairway.  When coming down into my sewing studio this is what you see first.  This bright star quilt with the black alternate blocks that are sewing fabric.
I have moved on over to the cutting and ironing area.  This will take a while as it is a bigger area with more clutter.  Hmmm... imagine that, clutter in a quilter's studio?  The good news is there is a cutting table under the clutter.  I have at least unearthed that much.
I hope you had a good Wednesday and made some progress on your projects, too!
Yours in quilting,
P.S.  Late last night I got a quilt off the longarm so it is free to load another.  Whoop, Whoop!


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