Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Working On Wednesday

I am working on Country Threads BOM 2013.  So for September here are my fabric choices.

The left side of the picture is the brown, tan and green for the 12 inch block.  The double pink and floral cream print is for the 6 inch block.  I am getting so excited that 9 months will be done.  I am so proud that I have stayed on top of finishing the blocks each month.  Already have the backing fabric so it wont' take too much to finish and quilt this. 

I tried to finish this blog post be for going to have a pedicure and nails filled, but have had major computer issues this morning.  I even made sure I got up early so that I have plenty of time, but oh no things did not go my way.  I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with Frontier and we could not determine if it was the computer or the connection.  So I took off for the nail salon to cool off for a while.  After relaxing in the massage chair during the pedicure, I came home to see if the Computer Genie ( my son) might have fixed the problem.  No luck there.  So ran up to my local computer store where I bought the computer and they were able to hook it up to the Ethernet cable or wireless.
I headed back home and the Ethernet cable now worked at home, also.  Called Frontier and they remotely hooked up with my computer and TaDah, its fixed.

Even though the day started out a little rough, I was able to accomplish a few things:
1.  Pedicure - check
2.  Nails filled- check
3.  Computer working and blog written - check
4.  Sewing therapy - Starting now, in progress.  Will post the blocks when I get them done.

Have a great evening.  Remembering and praying about 9/11 today.

Yours in quilting,

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