Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tip

My tip for today is the little yellow ruler that Bonnie Hunter has recently developed.  I got my ruler in May when she visited the Illinois Valley Quilt Guild in Ottawa, IL.  The first step she took was going around to each quilter's sewing station and checking their 1/4" seam allowance.

You put her ruler under your presser foot and line up the 1/4" hole with your needle.  Put the needle through the 1/4" hole and presser foot down to hold the ruler in place.  Then use the marker of your choice to create a guide for your fabric.  In May, Bonnie used green frog painter's tape.  I wore that out and chose to use blue painter's tape.  I cut the tape to fit on my bobbin cover, as I know I will have to open it up to change the bobbin.  I preferred about six layers of tape stacked one on top of another to provide a tall guide.  My tape does extend back a little bit off the bobbin cover so I have a long guide surface to keep the fabric stable and straight.

Yesterday while traveling with my friend, Cathy, to The Quilt Corner grand opening.  I was explaining to her how to use the yellow ruler.  I had bought her one in May but she wasn't sure how to use it.  I had explained to her that I sometimes still get a little wide at the end of a seam or start a little narrower at the top.
Here is her tip to me!  When piecing a quilt top use your straight stitch plate in your machine.  You will get less pull on the fabric and should help alleviate the narrow or fat seams at the beginning or end of your stitching.  Notice in about picture, I have in the plate that has the long oval opening between the feed dogs.  I will switch this plate out for the straight stitch plate. 
Let me know if these tips work for you.  Click on Bonnie's name above and you can order the yellow rulers on the main page of her website www.quiltville.com.
Hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall days.
Yours in quilting,


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