Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Praise

Today I finally slept in a little.  Being at the hospital or driving wears you out.  I went to church, bought a few groceries, and started cooking for the week.  I am still on call to go back to Des Moines to be with my dad in the hospital or help with Rod's mom.  After putting the groceries away, I mixed up a pot of chili (on the right) to simmer and set out frozen loaves of bread to rise this afternoon.
Next I mixed up a batch of Pumpkin Dip for a snack.  The recipe suggested using vanilla wafers or apple slices to dip in it.  I opted for the vanilla wafers as they are easy to have ready.  The recipe is from Hillbilly  Recipes on Facebook.
Also, I felt I needed chocolate to keep up my energy this week.  So I baked a pan of double chocolate brownies!  Yes, there are a few missing.  My hubbie and I had to taste test them.  Mmmmm....chewy, gooey good. :)
Next the loaves of bread had raised and appeared to be ready for baking.  Oh, the house smelt so good.
Ta Dah!  Golden loaf on the cutting board waiting for dinner.  My hubbie and son were impressed.
I was impressed that it tasted so good!  Next time I hope to try the recipe posted on Patchwork Times blog to make it from scratch.

I spent the rest of my day preparing eight quilts for the Gems of the Prairie Quilt Show this weekend in Peoria, IL.  I made sure they were clean, had sleeves, labels, and de-haired from pet hair.  I will drop them off to a friend in Peoria tomorrow.  She will turn them in for me and I will go down to work at the show on Sunday.  The show is being held at the Avanti Dome in Pekin, IL, Saturday and Sunday.

After dinner I received a call that my dad was much improved today.  Thank you for everyone's prayers and good wishes.  He is now in a regular room and making little strides each day.  God is good but it sure is hard to be patient while prayers are answered.

Stop back tomorrow to see what is on my design wall.  Have a great week!

Yours in quilting,

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