Monday, September 16, 2013

Whoop for Cooking Monday

Wow, such a busy weekend with my Class Reunion and the Bureau County Homestead Festival.

Our biggest concern now is taking care of our parents.  My father is in the hospital in DesMoines and Rod's mom has been in the hospital in Peoria.  Both have ongoing medical issues that require our help and support.

Today I am cooking for the week so Rod and Aaron will have food while I am gone to be with my dad.  Also, Rod will be able to take food out to his mom that she can easily heat in the microwave.

Sweets first!  Baked chocolate chip cookies, notice the bottom two spaces are empty.  MMmmm....they tasted good.

On to Rice Krispy Treats.

Next prepped a roast and cut up carrots to go in the oven after the cookies are baked. (See the recipe under the recipe tab.)

Followed by a big pot of mac n' cheese.  Comfort food, right!

Last, but not least making chicken and noodles for the Our Table dinner tonight at the Methodist Church.  Our church is taking their turn at cooking the meal.  I will have to deliver my 9 x 13" pan of chicken and noodles at 4:30pm.  I will make another pot for my family to eat at home. 

Bonn Appetite!

Yours in quilting,

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