Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finish-End of Summer Flowers

Last night the weather man said we have about one week of summer like weather left before the first frost.  This will signal the end of the growing season.  I decided that this morning I would get up and take pictures of my flowers.  Being home this summer has made a difference.  I got up every morning and watered my pots on the front and back porch.  Miracle Grow was my helper.
The lighting was hard to get right on my front porch.  Up on the porch are man-eating coleuses.  They are the largest ones I have ever grown.  They are in a wicker planter and have covered up the house numbers.  On the steps at the top are magenta colored impatients and lower on the steps are bright pink geraniums that have bloomed their hearts out.  At the bottom of the steps on the right and left are pots filled with burgundy spikes, pink geraniums, purple petunias and sweet potato vines.  Behind the pots are giant hostas.
Here is one the pots on the back porch.
Of course, the dogs wanted to help.  Here's Indy next to the pot and Skye in the background.
I will be sad to see my plants die off for the winter.  I have really enjoy them this summer.
Have a great weekend.  I am off to a retreat in Fulton today and tomorrow.  Sunday I will be at the Gems of the Prairie Show in Pekin.  Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday I can show you how much I accomplished this weekend.
Yours in quilting,

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