Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Quilters

I belong to Garden Club at Quilter's Garden in Princeton, IL.  The Garden Club meets once a month.  Currently we are working on Legacy BOM.  It is a beautiful sampler style quilt in navy blue, red, browns and tans.  It will finish queen size, but I hoping I can additional blocks to an additional border to make it large enough for our bed. ( I don't like when the quilt is too small and the husband rolls over stealing all the quilted covers.)

Each month we receive the pattern for the Legacy (you can participate and buy a kit) or make it in your own color variation.  We also received a pattern to use a panel in the middle and use additional 2.5" scrappy borders to make a Halloween quilt.  It was so bright and quick to make.  There was a lesson on how to use the Boot ruler for bindings to get the perfect angle on almost any size quilt.

Last but not least is show n' tell.  The cutest little girls,  Addy and Eme ,showed their first quilts made with Grandma Gloria.  They used "Papa's" jeans for the top and fabric of their choice for the backs.  They made raggy quilts and the girls stitched the "X's" through the middle of each block and then sewed the blocks together.  I was sitting in the second row while taking pictures, so sorry for a bit of the person's head in front of me.  I cropped out as much as possible.  The glee on the girl's faces is adorable.  I hope these girls will become life time quilters.

Yours in quilting,

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