Saturday, September 7, 2013

Decorating with Quilts

I usually try to switch to fall decorations sometime during fair week and the kids going back to school.  So I worked on this slowly last week when I wasn't sleeping well.  I would lay in bed thinking of what I wanted to change.  The following morning got out of bed and carried the tubs of fall decorations out of the basement. Then I sorted through my pile of quilts and pulled out the fall quilts or country colored quilts.

The first change was my dining room table.  It went from this to .......
Next the wall to the right of the dining room table went from this.......
to this!
In the corner of the dining room is my grandmother's spoon cabinet and needed a change to...
Don't you love the patchwork pumpkin?  My friend picked this up from Gordman's a few years ago.
Next I changed a wall space from this.....
Don't you just love the fun Scarecrow?
Well that's enough decorating for now.  Are you inspired to get out your decorations and join me in decorating?  I have more to do but some of the decorations are more Halloween than Fall.  Those will have to wait for now.

Headed out to Hornbaker Gardens for their 1st Annual Artisan's Market.  This will be exciting to see that talent of the vendors showing their art, food, and music.  Mmmm....what will I bring home?

Yours in quilting,

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