Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vintage Thursday - Grandma's Spool Cabinet

All the years growing up and staying at Grandma's house this piece served as a lamp table.  It had legs on it and had nick nacks on top.  I just never paid attention to what it really was until we had to clean out Grandma and Grandpa's house.  That's when I noticed that the end table was really a Coats & Clark spool cabinet.  Fortunately, when the auction selling everything was held, the auctioneer was kind enough to explain that family was bidding against everyone.  I was so blessed that people let me purchase this item without running up the price.   I store my counted cross stitch and crafting supplies in it.

I have linked up with the Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.

Yours in quilting,


  1. What a lovely remembrance of Grandma! I've always wanted one of those. The drawer size is so handy for little things.

  2. That is an awesome and wonderful spool cabinet. It really looks nice.