Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cleaning Up Washington

Spent the afternoon helping Cathy K's daughter pack what is left of their house after Sunday's tornado.  Nothing you see on TV can compare to seeing it in person.
Looking South there are only four houses with a form of a house the rest are twigs and rubble.
Shards of glass driven into the walls.

More glass.
The neighbors straight behind.  We could see the furniture setting in the rooms but to dangerous to go in.
Back of their home.  The garage area is gone.  Where it says Tyvek, if you are inside, you can see out. Very little left of the wall since the garage was ripped off.
Next door neighbors and view of total destruction in the background.
Took this last shot as we left in the car.  The center pile is where Janice and Brian's best friends lived.  Brian helped pull the two parents and two boys out of the basement when the storm passed.  Just rubble.
Going back tomorrow to finish packing.  Please continue to pray for the those effected by the storms. There is a Tornado in Washington Facebook page and you can contact the Washington Chamber of Commerce on the internet for information.
Yours in quilting,


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  2. So proud of you. Such devastation. Amazing most everyone survived this!

  3. Unbelievable photos, what a disaster, I am glad they are okay. When the storm passed through our area earlier I never would have imagined this would happen somewhere.

    1. It was so hard to turn the corner and see all the damage looming in front of us.