Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Second Day of Clean Up in Washington, IL

Today my friend, Barb A., headed down for a second day of cleaning up. The three car garage is gone. Behind Barb is a 2x4 holding up the master bedroom bathroom.  We packed up the closets and bedrooms today.

This is where we have been working for the last two days.
Heading out for lunch we walked two blocks to a local church that was serving meals to volunteers.
This is suppose to be a retaining area to hold rain water and instead is full of house rubble.  We had to pick our way through the wood, etc. so we didn't step on nails.

I am guessing this car went for a spin in the tornado.  It had insulation and newspaper stuffed in it everywhere.  Let's say it was loaded with options.
Below, this is a tree branch just wrapped in everything imaginable.

When we got to the church for lunch there was obvious damage to the cars. 

This is the backdoor neighbor's home.  The roof was ripped off and sitting right in front of the home it belonged to.
This is the home. 
This is the subdivisions park, now filled with all the cars that have been pulled from the rubble waiting for the adjusters.
 As we left for the day, other roads had been opened up.  We drove to the opposite side the tornado's path.  Above is the fenced in yard.  The chain link fence was holding back a ton of debris.  The home behind the fence was totally gone.
 The above road is not open to outsiders, only homeowners can get down it.  See the trailers and trucks waiting for what they can carry out and save.  Electric crews were busy everywhere trying to restore power.

You can visit the Washington Chamber of Commerce website or the local quilt shop's website, Peddlers to see what is needed in donations.
Yours in quilting,

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