Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bonnie Challenge - One Block at a Time

I just wasn't suppose to complete a block or sew late yesterday.  Just when I got everything plugged in, turned on, and started stitching away, my DH called down the stairway that it was time to go bowl.   Argh...

Got home from bowling and worked on my blog post to link up with Jo's Country Junction for the Bonnie Challenge.  Done!  Starting to make progress and head for my basement studio to finish my block and bleep... the power goes out.  The bleep is for all the alarms that go off when we have a power outage, the carbon monoxide detector, the TV and the sump pump system.   It was pitch black, just the glow off the laptop screen would let me see where to walk and find the flashlights.  It didn't take long to figure out the lights weren't going to pop back on, so took the flashlights and grabbed the big quilt on my DH's chair.  I headed upstairs for bed.  I put two extra quilts on the bed  and jumped into my pjs.  My dear husband had turned on our heated mattress pad so the bed was pre-warmed.  Yummy!

The power came on about 45 minutes later with a whir of chattering electronics and the lights in the hallway shining.  The alarm on the sump pump system was still beeping so DH padded downstairs to hit the reset button.  This morning DH commented how nice those two extra quilts felt on the bed last night.  (:) Doing the happy dance!!)

After breakfast this morning, DH headed to the farm to winterize and I headed for the sewing machine.

One block completed!  Success.

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