Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Tip - My favorite longarm tools

There are a few tools that I could not live without when working on my longarm quilting machine.
I have a little gadget called the Pin Keeper on top of my longarm handles.
This little beauty does a tough job.  The suction cup holds the gadget on the machine through all the vibrations. 
The Pin Keeper gets loaded down with many items:  multiple pins, and one or two pairs of scissors. (This is a cleaned off Pin Keeper, usually it looks like a porcupine.)  Its my Go-To item.  Don't lay tools on your quilt.....they might end up quilted in your quilt.  Take it from one who knows!  Put it up on the Pin Keeper.

I dearly love these two pairs of scissors.  They are both made by Famore.  Several years ago, you could by a kit of scissors from Handi Quilter that included both pairs and tweezers.  Now you have to purchase them Famore.  The pair on the left have curved blades similar to embroidery scissors and make easy to cut threads close to the fabric.  The pair on the right can assist in picking out stitches.  Both pairs have a lifetime sharpening guarantee with Famore.  You can send them in for sharpening or take them to a large quilt show where Famore is a vendor and drop them off for sharpening.
The other tool that has helped save my back and legs are gel pads.  They are the size of a throw rug and I bought two to lay in front of my longarm machine.  I bought Chef Mate mats at Home Depot which were about $20 a piece.  Wal Mart sells something similar in their kitchen department.  Bed, Bath and Beyond sells a brand that comes in various sizes and lengths, if you want one long mat.
My sewing studio is in the basement on cement floors and it makes a great difference if I stand on the gel mats while quilting and wear good supportive shoes.
Have a terrific Tuesday.
Yours in quilting,

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