Monday, June 18, 2012

Walking thru Fulton, Part 2

Villager' home
Here's Sherri checking out the Villager's home.  We were moving pretty fast at this point.  The mosquitoes were out in swarms; swatting and waving our arms to keep them away.  I'm actually pretty excited that the pictures are clear.  It was getting pretty miserable at this point.  Wish we had seen the Off spray in the visitor's center.

Dr. Love's office
Below is the Mill and the bridge.
Crossing the bridge was definitely a walk of faith.

The Cable Bridge

I would definitely recommend a visit to Heritage Canyon.
Walking through the canyon after the rain was a little tricky
with the  mosquitoes pestering us.  We would have lingered
longer without them.
Have a great day.  Terry


  1. Oh Terry had a great time on the walk! Our time at Susans Calico Creations is just too short. And to have Sherri back really made the weekend. Now I am going to have to watch what I wear when I am around you because I may have the same thing on. And had a great time with you, and all the ladies this weekend at retreat!

  2. I am glad I satified my curiousity at the Antique Barn on Rt 136.
    I always wondered what hidden treasures were laying around the big red barn.