Friday, June 8, 2012

Hornbaker Gardens, A Little Slice of Heaven

On Friday, one of the first days I was really starting to feel like I might be retired, I received a call from quilting friend, Nancy Boomgarden.  She and two friends were headed down to Hornbaker Gardens to purchase shade plants to go between her new garage and the house.

 They asked me to join them for lunch and wanted to know where we could enjoy a glass of wine with lunch.  After a short discussion, I came up with the idea that it would be so peaceful to enjoy a glass a wine in the gazebo and listen to the babbling brook at Hornbaker's.  So the plan was made.  The girls brought cheese and crackers and I arrived with the wine.  With their shopping finished, we just sat back and relaxed in the gazebo.  Nancy and friends told me about their past and future travel plans.

We cleaned up the table from our picnic lunch.  Then they loaded the plants up in the SUV and the girls headed north to their homes.  I stayed awhile longer to take in Hornbaker Gardens and all it has to offer.
How about this display with the chummy frog sunning himself?

As I walked about the yard and displays, it just makes your troubles
fade.  Its just a little slice of green heaven.
They have statues, fountains, Pottery Row, hosts, irises, and every perennial in between.

New to me are the fairy gardens.  Tiny little displays of miniature items.  Study the pictures closely.  Can you find the bird houses made of gourds? See the fairy with her face turned up to the sun?

This was a "Calgon take me away" type of experience.

Enjoy the rest of  your day and come back to visit soon.


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  1. And a great time it was! So thoughtful of Terry to think about the gazebo, we all enjoyed it. Good wine, good eatsd good friends in a beautiful, relaxing setting for a summer day...
    Thanks Terry.