Friday, June 15, 2012

Retreat Time

This morning I'm up and packing.  I don't know about you but I always pack too much, that includes everything but the kitchen sink.  I will mostly be working but working on a customer's quilt trying to get it done and back to her. I also have several other projects that are started and I hope to finish them up also.

My friend, Cathy, is coming to my house and we will drive to Fulton from here.  We will be headed for Susan's Calico Creations.  Susan May will be our hostess for the weekend.  We are excited that this time I'm retired and can go earlier on Friday.  Many times I have arrived about 7pm in the evening, missing dinner and getting a late start.  One of the things I always wanted to do is stop at the junk barn on Rt. 136.  So we did just that.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.  You will have to close your eyes and imagine a big ole' red barn.  Out in front of that barn are piles of many items, there are wooden benches, garden tools, enamelware, bikes, washtubs, windows, and screens. There were paths thru this collection of old stuff.  Cathy and I walked the paths trying to see it all.  We didn't buy anything this time.

One the best things about going to the retreats is the great food.  Most of the time, we take turns cooking meals while we are there.  This group was a little smaller and Susan was having a fat quarter sale at the store.  Sue and Barb drove down from Mt. Horeb for the sale and we got to have lunch together.We walked over to the Golden Wok and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Jean's quilt
One of our fellow retreater's , Carol Riley, taught this class on Friday and the students were working on their projects when we arrived.  They were using the Twister ruler to make Twisted Posies.

Rayann's Halloween center

To the right is Jean's quilt in
progress.  She was adding the
posies.  To the left is one of two
quilt's Rayann was working on.

To the right is Rayann's second quilt in Spring colors.
Below is the finished quilt top.

Several others were working on this quilt with Christmas fabrics which was also a very attractive combination.  Congratulations to Carol and her students!
Have a great weekend!  Terry


  1. It was a very great weekend!!! Loved every minute with all my quilting friends. I learned so much this past weekend, I never thought I could do.
    Love all you guys
    Raye Ann

  2. Thanks Raye Ann. It was a great weekend and I have enjoyed getting to know you. Your quilts were awesome this weekend. I appreciate the fact that you worked on your quilt top all weekend and finished it. Love that persistance!