Monday, June 18, 2012

Walking through Fulton

Saturday started out with RAIN.  Its been so long since we've seen rain, I just wanted to do a happy dance.  We had a very nice shower in Fulton but called home and no rain at home. Bummer...
Anyway we had granola, yogurt and fruit for breakfast.  That was a good start and felt like a walk next.  Susan suggested we walk down to Heritage Canyon to view the little village.  Cathy, Sherri and started off on our trek.  It was a little steamy after the shower, but we were determined to check out the village.  We arrive at the visitor's hut but no one was available and we found the trail on our own and were off on a self-guided tour. 

Walking to the gate to get started we saw this waterfall.
It was a little slippery from the rain and moss on the walkways.  We picked our way into the valley of the village.  The village is built in an old quarry.  There is a log cabin, covered bridge, church, mill, stable, blacksmith shop, doctor's office and villager's home to view.  I don't have pictures of everything but here's the highlights of our walk.
Cathy and Sherri in the Covered Bridge
Stable and Blacksmith Shop
Adorable little Church

This church holds about 25 guests.
Its just adorable and even with
cloudy skies the inside was illuminated and the stained glass windows were beautiful. Can't you just imagine a storybook wedding here?

From the church we moved on to the mill, villager's home and doctor's office.  Notice the doctor's name, Dr. Love.  I will do another post to show the rest of the pictures as they seem to bump in and rearrange what I already have posted here.   So stay tuned....


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  1. From out here in WA: Randy and I were married in the church in the Canyon on Nov. 21, 1990. It was just perfect, right size and intimate for the family and close friends. It was a bright Autum day, much fun. Nancy B>