Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, Do You Sell Your Quilts? A Conversation with Marianne Fons -

So, Do You Sell Your Quilts? A Conversation with Marianne Fons -

Today I was contemplating what to write.  I haven't taken any pictures of my daily adventures but this morning I did happen upon this video.  Since I am in the quiltmaking business, I found this information very interesting.  I do this because I love it but the pay is a benefit.  As you all know, I will not get rich doing this.  The payoff is I get to get up everyday and do something I love.

As you listen to Marianne and Mary Fons, please notice several times in their conversation they mention low-ball pricing.  The cost of fabric is climbing everyday.  So yes, I consider their fabric costs low. For a queen to king size bed quilt the quilt top fabric, batting and backing will easily be over $300, plus labor and the cost of quilting. 

In my opinion, you need to appreciate that quilt given to you is a gift of love.  If you purchase a quilt, then treat it as fine art, and protect it from the elements that might damage it. 
Have a great day and stay cool!  Terry


  1. I treasure everything you've ever made for me, not only because they are so wonderfully done, but because they came from you.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I especially like making them for people who appreciate and use my quilts. They are meant to be used. The greatest compliment you could give, besides kind words, is to use the quilt until I have to make you a new one. So, cuddle and use them now.
      Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

  2. I do make quilts for others. Customers just have to remember that they are made in America and it takes a great deal of time to complete a quilt. It is a work of ART!