Friday, September 28, 2012


Satisfaction.....there is nothing like the feeling of completion of a job well done.  I have quilted these quilts in the last 10 days and it feels good.  These are both customer quilts.  (No quilts were damaged in these pictures.  The quilts have sheets underneath them to protect their backings.)  My wonderful husband assisted in placing the quilts safely in the yard and snapped a few shots. 
The top quilt is a Block of the Month project completed by my customer at the Fulton Retreat and sent home with me for quilting.  Here is a closer picture of it still on the longarm.
This quilt is also a customer's quilt created from a fabric strip exchange.   With this quilt there was so many possibilities.  The layouts were too numerous.  I will post mine in the near future.  I used back for my background, here the background is the lavender.

Have a great weekend.  Hope you can be outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Terry 


  1. Beautiful quilts! I would have liked to see close-ups of your quilting! What kind of machine do you have?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Will remember to do a close-up next time. This customer requested an edge to edge pattern. Used Ocean Froth by Ann Bright on both quilts. Will talk about strip quilt in future as it has a very special story which cannot be shared yet. Please visit again. Terry