Friday, October 12, 2012

Lunch Popped Up

Today I cleaned house, gathered and started doing laundry, planned some menus and created a grocery list.  Headed out to do the shopping.  On my way to Wyanet, stopped and decorated Grandma Ruth's grave for fall.  Grave decorating was important to her so I have tried to change the flowers on Mom and her graves seasonally.

Visited the Wyanet Locker to stock up on meat.  Bought a package of bacon as my dad sent me home with a huge tomato that is calling out for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

Stocked up on ground chuck for casseroles, soup and hamburgers on the grill.  Then on to grocery store for the rest of the necessities.  Over a $100 spent at that stop.  Yikes, you can tell it has been sometime since I bought groceries.  By the time I arrived home it was after lunch time and I was famished. 

So I popped up some popcorn, added some butter and popcorn salt.  Poured a Diet Coke and then my two buddies showed up to share. Meet the Popcorn Vulchers.

They circle and beg until I finally give in and share my popcorn.  Harry Potter is the black, white and tan Australian Shepherd and Rascal, five pounds of tenacious Yorkshire Terrier.  Can't you just read the pleading and begging look they are giving me while I stuff my mouth full of buttered, warm popcorn?  So after we shared the popcorn, they went and took naps.  That left me to finish putting away all the groceries and to start cooking.

Today I was able to make a party corn casserole (shown below,

Grandma Pat's casserole, scalloped potatoes and ham, chocolate heath pie, and put a chicken in to roast.  Rod came home and we put an acorn squash in the oven for dinner and he grilled brats.  After the chicken cools, I will pick the meat off the bones and then put the carcass back in the stew pot and cook it more to make broth.

I plan to make the recipe for Easy Chicken Stuffed Pasta Shells from the Colorado Lady's blog (  The picture looks mouth-watering yummy.

My goal today was to start stocking up on meals ready to pop in the oven so I can spend more time quilting.  I am off to a good start.  Hope you had a productive day, too!  Terry

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