Saturday, July 7, 2012

Insure Your Quilts

Here's an example of why you should insure your quilts.  You never plan to have a fire.

Tonight Rod and I attended the Friends and Family Night at the new Bella's Restaurant (the old Stagecoach Spagetti Restaurant).  It was good to have a neighborhood restaurant open just down the street.  We missed that sweet garlic bread.

When we arrived home the sirens starting going off and even more surprising the fire was in our neighborhood.  Below is what we saw as we walked over a block and a half to 906 Longhaven St.

This is a 12 apartment complex with front half of the roof fully engulfed in flames.  Everyone made it out safely but this uprooted 30 people and was a total loss.  The Red Cross, United Way, The Closet and the Nazarene Church are collecting items for the people who lost their homes.

In about 15 to 20 minutes we watched the monster fire eat through the roof and attic area.  All the Bureau County fire departments came to provide mutual aid because of the heat and size of the fire.
It was 101 degrees at 6pm when we got home, so can you imagine wearing fire fighting gear?  We watched as they rotated teams of fire fighters to different hoses to give the fire fighters relief to cool off.
This is what was left before dark.  The roof had collapsed.

The fire dept. setting up lighting to watch for hot spots.

Have your quilts appraised and insured. 

Yours in quilting,


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