Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harry Potter, Therapy Dog

Enjoyed accomplishing one of my retirement goals today.  Harry Potter, my Australian Shepherd and I were the guest speakers at the Care Givers Support Group at the Bureau County Metro Center today.  I spoke about my care giving experiences with my mom, dad, grandmother and my son.  Then I provided Harry's story and the journey to becoming a therapy dog. Harry gave an awesome laid back presentation.  After a question and answer period, Harry generously provided therapy to all.  Of course, those who slipped him a doggie treat got a little extra atttention.  Many thanks to Nedda Simon and Kathy O'Malley for the invitation along with Tammy Lange and Elaine Russell of the Bureau County Metro Center.

One of the people with whom I got to reconnect with today was Carol Gugerty(on the left, Elaine Russell on the right and me in the middle).  Carol, her daughter-Amy Affelt, and myself all lived in the same apartment complex 27 years ago. 

What a great day!  Harry even got to go into the Quilter's Garden and give therapy to Beth and Carol.  He had them on their knees!! 
Happy Fall, Terry

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  1. This is fantastic. I'm so proud of you and Harry!!