Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

The travel conditions weren't looking good today and things were caught up at work.  So I declared today a Snow Day.  After a quick trip to Wal Mart for a few last minute items, I got busy in the kitchen.  Started off making the carmel corn above.  Yumm, Yumm! Let's say I did a little more than taste testing.  Its addictive!

Next I made a rasberry salad for the Christmas Potluck tomorrow at work.  Yes, I am back to work for 60 calendar days training a new employee.

Last I made a roast with carrots in the oven after the carmel corn came out.  I also practiced making mashed potatoes.  Haven't made real ones for a while.  I tend to cheat and make the ones out of the box.  Everything turned out wonderful and it was real quiet at the dinner table because everyone was so eating the good food.  On such a cold, blustery night this comfort food sure filled and warmed us up.  Blessings to all!  Terry

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