Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sheep Shuffle Surprise

How do you get to the quilt store via the Great Sheep Shuffle?  LOL  I would have never believed that Saturday would bring that kind of adventure.  My friend, Kelly and I took off for Beaver Dam, WI, about 7:45am.  In the back seat of her Malibu was a dog crate with a 40 lb ram lamb in it named, Pearl Jam.  Pearl Jam was the perfect passenger.  He never said a Baa....just chewed his breakfast of hay.

We were to meet Sandy at the McDonald's in Beaver Dam and transfer Pearl Jam to her car. Kelly and I ran inside because we were a little early.  We both love the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, so filled our tummies for the rest of the journey. Sandy arrived and the instant kismet we all had over our pets was stunning.  All of us are hopeless animal lovers.  We headed out to the parking lot and moved Pearl Jam to Sandy's car.

Sandy explained that she had just come from the local fairgrounds where she purchased three hens.
Kelly's eyes were as big as saucers at the sound of chickens for sale.  She listened to Sandy's directions to the fairgrounds and we were off to buy chickens.  We found the chickens she wanted right away but finding the seller was a little more difficult.  Kelly knew what she wanted and it was accomplished in 10 minutes.  We were on a mission...we had delivered the lamb, bought three hens (now in the dog crate in the back seat), and were headed back to Sun Prairie to shop for fabric at JJ Stitches. 
( Please visit OK Acres blog, to see Kelly's amazing fiber farm.)
 I explained to to Kelly that she probably would want brighter fabrics for her quilt.  Oh no, this writer was wrong!  Before 10 minutes were up, she had picked out a pattern and was picking out fat quarters like a pro.  To check our selections, we asked Julie Hendrickson, the owner of JJ Stitches for assistance.  Julie calculated the additional fabric we needed and pulled additional fabric bolts.  Before you could say "Jiffy Cake" we had all the fabrics for Kelly's queen size quilt and were standing at the cutting table.  We told the ladies working at the quilt store about our morning sheep shuffle, paid our bill and waltzed out to the door to head home.   All that shopping had made us hungry, so Kelly whipped into Popeye's Chicken for refueling our tummies.
We made it back to Monroe by 2pm and loaded my vehicle with all the goodies and I was off for home.   I needed to arrive at Los Ranchitos Restaurant by 4pm for dinner with DH and our bowling partners.  I was 18 minutes late but called DH to order for me.
Had a safe trip home, bowled and headed home to unpack the Acadia and settle in for night.
I love making spontaneous plans, look what a great adventure it turned into. Terry


  1. looks like you had quite the fun day! Hope Kellys chickens dont look like one of your previous pics! Too bad we didnt get a pic of our sew day. That was fun too!

  2. So now you are into livestock transport in your spare time? No wonder you are so busy!