Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finishes

Hello everyone!  I haven't written for you since Feb.25th due to being sick with a nasty virus.  I finally had to give into being sick.  I went back to bed several days, talked to the doctor again, took additional medicine and just slowed down.  It was a bummer because I am not good at slowly down and each day I couldn't do my daily activities I continued to fall far behind. This is my fourth week with the virus and finally can say I am getting well.

I have been working a queen size quilt for about three weeks.  It took so long because it was bitterly cold in the studio some days, my illness and the size of the quilt.  Its hard to get it all in the picture because its so long.
 Close up of the borders.
Spinning pinwheel quilting in each pinwheel block and stippling in the background of each flower block.
 There are feathers in each triangle block.
 Swags and piano keys in outer border, feathers and curls in in off-white border.
Cone flowers in filler blocks along with double curls in sashings.  All this was accomplished with my Pro-stitcher computer on my Handi Quilter Avante.  I did do free motion stippling in the flower blocks and a small amount of ruler work in the corners of the blue large borders. This is only the second quilt I have custom quilted.  This quilt was a block of the month at Quilter's Garden.
Next I loaded a wall quilt that was also a short term block of the month designed by Quilter's Garden.
 Here is a close up of several of the blocks.
 This was my third custom quilt.  In the green borders there are leaves, but they blend so well you can't get it to show up in the picture.
Next I loaded this quilt called Somerset.
Here's a close-up of a block.
 I used  Glide thread and an edge to edge pattern called Feathered Paisley.
I have been working on quilting 8 memory quilts since before Christmas.  Here is #7
 The challenge with these quilts have been the pockets or snaps left on the strips.
All quilts have been quilted in navy Omni thread and the pattern is called Ocean Froth. 
#8 Memory Quilt had no pockets or snaps.  It quilted up like a dream.
I have a Washington Tornado quilt donation on my longarm right now.  I didn't get it finished so will have to save it for next Friday.  Finishing five quilts this week is nothing to sneeze at.  So glad to feel better and able to be productive this week.  The weatherman just said 52 degrees by Monday!  Hopefully, Spring is just around the corner.
Today I will be meeting with Chris Lynn Kirsch from Wisconsin.  She will be our guest speaker at Covered Bridge Quilt Guild tonight.  She will be giving a trunk show of all her Mariner Compass quilts and tomorrow's class will be drafting your own Mariner's Compass and then paper piecing it!
Today, we are hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays, and Crazy Mom Quilts.  Have a great weekend.
Yours in quilting,


  1. You are doing an AWESOME job!

  2. So sorry to hear you've been ailing. I thought your silence was due to busy-ness. Don't get back on the horse too soon. Seems like there's always a relapse with these stinkin' viruses. Your custom work is looking super.