Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip

So excited, today is suppose to be fairly warm out.  Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees and sunny.  I enjoyed changing to a lighter weight coat and getting outside.  The issue that is created by these warmer days is MUD!  Yesterday my customer stopped by to pick up her two quilts and I felt bad that she had to pick her way through the mud out front.  She loved her quilts, the flower and pinwheel quilt and the covered bridge quilt, pictured HERE.

Also, having 4 dogs tracking mud in and out.   Mmmm..... constant cleaning.

My Tuesday Tip for the week is have your favorite books re-bound at your local office supply store.  You can take you books into Staples and PIP Printing in our area and they shave off the binding, punch holes and add the spiral binding.  It is awesome to have the book stay open on its own.  They also add plastic covers to the front and back and this helps to proctect the outside of your book.
For the Free Motion Quilting, it allows me to lay the pattern I want to try in the copier and make a clean copy to practice on.  I either lay a plastic sheet over the copy and use a dryer ease marker, or use a little 505 spray on the copy and use it on the longarm on top of my practice fabric.
 This book is really popular at our local area quilt stores.  It is a great way to use up scraps.  You can use any type of fabrics, i.e. batiks, 30's repro prints, civil war repros, Kansas Troubles, Mode, etc.  I really like the blocks where you mix all types of fabrics in an "Edyta Sitar" style.
Using the spiral binder allows you to lay the book open flat or prop it up on an easel while working on each block.  The approximate price of having a book spiral bond is $3 to $5 per book.
Hope this gives you the motivation to get out your favorite book and get to work!
Yours in quilting,

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