Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Finishes along with Washington Tornado Recovery Update

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, ready to get at it and things just don't roll the way you planned?  That's my day today.  Nothing awful has happened but nothing has gone smoothly or easy.
So, I roll with the punches.  I have been trying to finish my father and step-mother's 11 year old wedding quilt.  I got the top put together at one retreat.  Next bought the backing at Quilter's Garden sale and pieced it at the retreat in Fulton.  The binding is made with just the quilting to be finished.  I loaded the quilt yesterday and had a few issues while getting started but continued on.  This morning I jumped out of bed, let the dogs out and headed down to the longarm to finish the final three rows....
now for the rest of the story.

I went to advance the quilt to line up the final row and discovered this.  Not enough backing fabric to finish quilting the quilt. 
You ask, " how do you fix this?"  For me I take the quilt off the longarm leaving the leaders attached.  Trim off the excess fabric on one side and add it to the bottom of the quilt.  Reloaded the quilt back on the longarm and quilt the last row.  I have been humbled by the quilt.  I didn't double check the backing and the quilt top when I loaded them.  So I had loaded the back the wrong direction.  Haste makes waste.  Its like that saying, "measure twice, cut once".  I should have measured twice and loaded the quilt once. 
Did I tell you I have a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks!  Each quilt teaches you something.
The wedding quilt is quilted.  Next the binding and label before shipping it to its home.
The center of the blocks were signed by guests at the wedding with good wishes!
This beautiful quilt sent to me by Libby Smith is about 38" x 38".  Libby sent this to me for the Washington Tornado Revcovery.  I finished quilting it yesterday and will square it up and add the binding.
I used Omni Natural White thread and Drop Paisley pattern by Anne

 Its lovely and certainly will give comfort to someone.
I also quilted a Jelly Roll Race type quilt in country colors for Beth Mathew but forgot to take pictures.  Beth gave me the quilt for Washington Tornado Recovery but she took it home Tuesday to add the binding for me.  I will post a picture when I get it back.
Below are the pillows cases and small quilt sent to me by Donna Jez.
I had quilted this quilt this winter but then the bad weather hit and I was never able to get down to Washington to drop off items I had collected and made.

Below is the pretty back.

Monday, I was finally able to drive to Peoria and participate in our Handi Quilter Support Group.  I then traveled over to Washington with the above quilt and pillow cases from Donna.  I had also made four pillow cases with cats on them.  Judy Bence had given me a large bag of crocheted afghans.  All these items were dropped off at Peddler's Way Quilt Shop in Washington.  The gals were very thankful for the fresh load of goodies.  All the items they were holding had been picked and so this is the start of a new load.  From there I took a drive through the area hit by the tornado.  I wrote several blogs on my work after the tornado HERE.
 There is little improvement.  In fact, is just plain dreary.  When I worked in the area in November, the grass was at least green.  Now from the hard winter and heavy snow fall, its just mud and yuck.
I didn't get a picture of the one house that was framed and they were adding plywood to it as I drove by.  To the right of where I was driving were farm fields.  The fields have large piles of debris that have to be moved before the farmers can plant a crop.  The debris in fields go for miles.
Thank you to all of you who have sent me items to quilt and donate to the people in Washington.  The hard winter has prevented most of them from moving forward with any plans.  It means so much when the people receive your gifts and they know some cares.
Hope you are enjoying some nice weather where you are.  Today is sunny and almost 50 degrees.  I shut the furnace off and open the back door and let some fresh air in while fixing the wedding quilt.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Lovely quilting on my small quilt. Wish I were close enough to help you with binding. So sad to see the bleak condition in Washington. Green grass of Spring will definitely lift spirits. Blessings to all there.

  2. Your quilting is beautiful! I'm sure all of these quilts and pillowcases will be treasured in their new homes :)

  3. The wedding quilt is really lovely - the restrained colours are very restful. You must be so pleased it is finally finished!
    Such awful devastation in the photos of Washington.

  4. I definitely learn something with every quilt, too. Great job finishing.