Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunny Day away from the Studio

Yesterday was a fun day of escape from the studio.  The sun was out and it was about 43 degrees cool.  Started off the day heading for Peoria but before leaving town had to turn around and get gas.  I forgot I didn't have a debit card.  So  turned around to get gas where I could write a check locally.

Once again headed down the road with Montana by Debbie Macomber, audio book playing, a Diet Coke, and fruit/maple oatmeal from McDonald's for fortification.  First, headed to East Peoria to pick up Cathy and then off to Groveland to pick up Sue Sue.  By the time I arrived in East Peoria, I had finished the audio book and give it an A rating.  Just a good romance.

The first stop on our adventure was Havana, IL, at Ma's Got a Notion.  This store has relocated since I was there last.  Wow, we were impressed.  They have a large selection of wide backs, civil war reproductions, Moda, stripes, homespuns, and a notions wall.

From there we headed to Springfield to have lunch with some of the people I used to work with.
Headed around the corner from Central Office and had lunch at Bernie & Betty's.  Mmmm good burgers along with great conversation.

Next was Piece & Applique in Rochester, IL.  There we hit batick overload.  Cathy and I had taken our Easy Street quilts (Bonnie Hunter's mystery at along to find border fabrics.
I found the batik that Cathy was looking for and there was enough left on the bolt for her borders and because she finished the bolt she got a 20% discount.  Cha-ching!!  Then she found the solid teal blue she was looking for and finished that bolt another 20% discount. 

I found a batik as a border for my Easy Street quilt and headed to the cutting table,  I also found the alphabet fabric I was looking for my Christmas Wish Quilt, free pattern from

I had everything cut and the girls found this great geometric fabric that looked fabulous with our Easy Street quilts and I liked it better than what I had already chosen.  So I gave in and bought both fabrics for the Easy Street quilt and I guess you will have to stay tuned to see the finish.  OR, better yet attend the Sea of Dreams Quilt Show at the Bureau County Fairgrounds on March 16-17, 2013, and see the finish in person. :)

After leaving Rochester, we headed for home, but not directly.  We headed to The Treadle in Bloomington.  Cathy had this strip of a lovely Rasberry Purple fabric we were trying to match and we suspected the Treadle would have it.  In the first ten minutes, we had the matching fabric bolt in our hands.  So we gave Sue Sue the tour of the Treadle and headed for home.  Dropped Sue Sue off first and then Cathy.  Loaded old magazines in my car for our magazine resale at the show and headed to the Gems of the Prairie Guild Meeting in Peoria.  Nancy Mahoney was the guest speaker and I enjoyed hearing her design stories and pictures.
Walked in the door about 10pm, kissed the hubbie good night and work Aaron up to go to work.
I am blessed to have great friends and a wonderful family.
Yours in quilting,

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