Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cobbled Up Easy Street

I am sad to say my Easy Street is in for repairs all ready.  My texting buddy noticed that there are several four patch blocks twisted.  So in between cooking, banking, and errand running, I am correcting the twisted blocks.  The top picture shows one four patch unsewn and waiting for "re-entry".
Look in front of Rascal, almost on the front edge where there is another four patch in the wrong position.  Argh....

There is a quilting retreat at our church this weekend.  I am packed up, the food is made and I got through the guild board meeting tonight.  Headed off for some much needed rest to recharge the batteries for the retreat.

In the morning I will bake a cake for the birthday party at the retreat.  You see I baked the cakes today, but one of dogs knocked a cake off the dining room table while it was cooling.  I caught Rascal nibbling on the top of the cake.  Yikes, can't serve that.

So stayed tuned for pictures of the retreat.  We will try to fill up the walls of the Family Life Center with completed projects.  All the walls are carpeted so every wall is a design wall.  Also, the wiring was installed with quilters in mind.  That means lots of ironing stations!!

 Have a safe, fun weekend.
Yours in quilting,

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