Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All Stewed Up

Saturday, my husband and stopped off at the Wyanet Locker and spent a gift certificate that we had been given. One of my goals is to have frozen meals in the freezer so I can spend more time quilting and have dinner ready when hubbie gets home.  We also have been trying not to eat out during the week.  Yesterday, Rod helped by preparing the carrots and celery for the stew.  Then I took break from quilting and cut up the onion and potatoes.  Mixed all the ingredients and spices together and put the pot in the oven for five hours at 250 degrees.  This is a "no peeking stew" meaning, just leave it cook for those five hours without opening the lid.  Mmmmmm good and fork tender.

Here are the leftovers cooling on the kitchen cupboard.  I put them in the refrigerator overnight and then transfer into the freezer.  We like this served over egg noodles but that's not necessary.
We are noodle nuts! (Hey, no commments. :) )

I am blessed to have a wonderful huband who likes to help.  We are a great team!

Yours in quilting,

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