Monday, February 11, 2013

One More to Go

Finished quilting this Turning Twenty Quilt on Friday night.  I used the Drop of Paisley design by  I used a soft cream thread by Quilter's Choice (Omini) on top and in the bobbin.  I am most pleased with the thread choice.  The thread sunk into the fabric and blended beautifully with all colors.  I spent quite a bit of time puddling different colors of thread on the quilt top.  I didn't want the thread to pop out at you.  I want to achieve texture on the quilt top.  The customer stated this quilt would be used and washed.  I chose the Drop of Paisley design because it give very even coverage and will help the quilt tolerate repeated washings.

I have one more quilt to quilt for a customer.  Then I will get all of my quilts finished for the show on March 16-17th at the Bureau County Fairgrounds in Princeton, IL.

Yours in quilting,

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